Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blended Family (Beth leads by example)

Blended Family
Lifelong pals Brian Jones & Paul Hunter decided to move share living quarters to save money.  But Brian was also a woman at heart, who had a thing for Paul. How could this burly guy accept the emergence of the stunning Beth?   

Beth turned to her teen sons, Jeff and Danny, who she knew that down deep, that they were seeking a way to bring the girls inside them out.  With a great deal of pride, Beth & Paul watched Jill pair off with Paul’s nephew Ryan, and Ryan’s bro Timmy was getting very friendly with Beth’s other “daughter,” Dara.  

 “Nice work  -MOM,” Paul whispered into his new lady’s ear.  “My nephews can’t keep their paws off your girls.  Can’t blame em.”   

Beth sighed, as her boyfriend pressed his own arousal into her pert buttocks.

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Anonymous said...

As stunningly beautiful and enticing as Beth is, I doubt she needed help to gain Paul's acceptance. With her two beautiful daughters, I'm sure the latest additions to.te Hunter family will be a huge hit at the next family gathering!