Saturday, June 30, 2012

That Old Pick Up Line Works! (Maddie & Judy are available)

That Old Pick Up Line Works

“Wow a couple of blonde babes!  Are you two lovely girls twin sisters, by chance?”

John Culver  knew that  he and his son Matt were being fed a standard pick-up line, but a little parental pride shaped his answer.

“Actually, we’re mother-daughter.  I’m Judy and this is my pride and joy, Maddie.”

The kid played right along, “But everything THINKS my mom looks like my sister.  We’re VERY much alike,” Matt cooed.

As the handsome stranger was joined by his friend, both guys and both “girls” were quite aroused. Judy and Maddie could see the bulge in their slacks… but they wondered if the boys could make out their erections inside their silky panties.

Horny as they were – they really didn’t care!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

MOTB Tales:The Last Laugh (Barb influences her family)

MOTB Tales: The Last Laugh

When I last saw my father and two baby brothers, I swore that I was show them that I could make it on my own as a girl!  They told me, “Brent, you sissy, we’re ashamed to have you in our family.” 

 Well, after fully transitioning to Barbara, and meeting my soul- mate, I knew that I was set for life – Roy’s family has a fortune.  One problem – I needed my family to represent at the society event of the year, but I wasn’t going back to them without a plan.  My Dad, Jake, was unemployed, and Mike and Keith were always lazy slackers – so I could entice them that we could take care of them if they would agree to some makeovers.   

Oh the shame on their face as they walked into the salon for the first time.  Two months later, the results are greater than my wildest dreams.   

Here they are, sexy MOTB Joanna, and her young daughters, hottie bridesmaids Melody and Kara.  At least Mom and Kara are enjoying their gorgeous gowns and the attention of the men here.  Melody still looks a little bit tentative.   

You better shape up sis, or I’ll let your secret out!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Ticket To Success (Debby & Holly get lucky)

Harry Martin had assumed his son Damien had entered their names in a contest to win a free fishing trip or World Series tickets.  But young Damien had an ulterior motive – to spend some time as the hottie within – and to find his mother some three years after her untimely passing.

   “I should be pissed at you,” whispered the newly minted Holly to her child. “However, I love how we have come together as if to pay tribute to your dear departed birth mother, Jane.”   

But young Debby turned to smile at the camera, as they posed for the syndicated magazine detailing their makeovers.  
“That’s true, Mom, but look at us!  Our matching dresses! These high heels that make our legs look so sexy!  And I can’t wait until our dates arrive.  Are you ready to be kissed by some hunky guys?”

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sue’s House of Fashion (with Eli & Katie stealing the show)

Sue’s House of Fashion

What a pair of lovely models.  It might be shocking to know that they are guys – a father and son no less.  On the left is dad Eugene and son Kirk, but dressed as they are, please call them Elinor and Kate.   

You see, Sue’s has been the beloved destination for T-girl fashions in this region for many decades.  And Eli and Katie come by their hot looks and sexy style naturally.  The clothier is owned by Samuel Chin – who you see on the right.  

Yes, that’s our other “bombshell.”  Suzanne Chin, the proprietor, is Eugene’s father/mother and Kirk’s grand-dad/mom.  And now that the business is taking off, all three Chins are leaving maleness behind, much to the glee and delight of their would-be suitors!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

VACATION DETOUR (Janet & Andrea find some accomodations)


Father and son,  Joe and Alex Ellis planned for every contingency with their unique road trip vacation.  They had created dual IDs for their alter egos, Janet Evans and her college age daughter Andrea.  Even credit cards!  

 But they hadn’t counted on losing their purses in a wild night out at the tranny bar .  Unable to secure a hotel room, Jan and Andi had to make a deal with these two guys they met at Sister Stella’s bar.  

 Despite having to sleep in the back of the wagon, both mother and daughter bonded over the sexcapades.  So by the time they made it back home, they had gotten very used to being very well fucked.   

For that reason, Len and Al followed these sluts back home!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rachel's Heaven (starring my daughter Kyra & me)

Rachel’s Heaven

Rachel was a one-woman itemization guru.  She knew how to bring the sensual woman out of any man she encountered.  Her favorite project of all time was her neighbors upstairs, a sales executive (Michael) and his college age son (Keith).  She had a mad plan; the boys agreed after she weakened their resolve.

Whenever Keith was home on break, Rachel went to work on transforming them as the sensual Annie and her daughter, the lovely Kyra.  Then she had them pose in her studio in all sorts of fashions – dresses, bikinis, formal gowns, and , yes, lingerie.  

This picture is Rachel’s favorite – most because it put the pretty “girls” close to each other.  You can see the arousal in their eyes.  What you don’t see is their mutual  arousal in the front of their panties.  They’re aware of the scent of jasmine perfume and the tingling of their now soft skin.  Their have had a little wine – with an extra shot of “girly gin” as Rachel likes to call it.

Annie has  never been in the presence of such a beautiful  young lady as her “daughter” – and Kyra is in absolute awe of the way her “mother” looks – and feels.  At this moment, both of them would say “oh yes” to anyone – would that include each other?  

Rachel hopes you visit her website today to see what they decide.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mother Confessor (Staci gets Farah to talk)

Mother Confessor

Seth (13): Admit it – you were never going back to being my father Frank – and because you roped me into this crazy disguise too avoid the cops, I was going to stay your daughter for as long as necessary.

Frank (37): I know you probably can’t forgive me, for destroying our male lives – but, sweetie, every moment I have spent as a woman has been incredible – our mother/daughter talks, these lovely new clothes, and I think you and I have both enjoyed the extra attention we’ve…

Staci: So you have a date with Mr. Conroy, huh?  Dinner, movie…

Farah: We’re just… friends.  I’m not going to embarrass you by act-

Staci: Mom.  It’s OK.  I just want to know if I can come with you, and… I’d like to bring Zack Conroy with him.  It’ll be fun, us four…

Farah: Are… are you sure Staci?  Do you really want to start dating?

Staci:  I know what you are thinking Mom.  Aren’t I a little young?  Well, for solo dating yes, but a double date with our parents, we’ll behave – that is if you two behave as well.  Ha-ha.  I’m kidding Mom.

Farah: You’re an amazing child, boy or girl, (sniff) Thanks my love!~

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Don’t Let This Day EVER End! (Gina treats Valerie - and herself)

Don’t Let This Day EVER End!

So, honey how do you like your surprise birthday gift – a day at the mall en femme with your dad dressed as your mom?
I still can’t believe you dressed up right along with me!  You look like such a beautiful natural lady!  How does it feel – dad - mom?
It feels – right.  Very right in fact.  I never explored this side of me, but as a single parent, I was already like a mom to you.  I guess you kind of inspired me.  You look so much happier as Valerie than as Vic, babe.
And you definitely look more like a Gina than a George!  That was so nice of Miss Kate to give us both makeovers and to dress us!
She was the one who suggested this “mother-daughter” trip to the mall, Val.  And she wants to take me out one night for a “girls night out” with some other “emerging” ladies.
Wow!  Just think, Mom, you may end up being asked out.
That’s what Kate was joking with me about.  That could be interesting.  And one day it will be you going out, baby.
 Mom – I don’t want this day to ever – EVER end!!!
It won’t end honey – we’re girls now and forever…

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Under Aunt Ashley’s Influence (Jillian & Melissa fall in line)

Under Aunt Ashley’s Influence  
Dad and I hadn’t seen Uncle Andrew in 5 years since he ran away from home to live the life he wanted to live.  She rather – she was a woman named Ashley who enjoyed the kinky side of life.  As a trans-girl, she kept her cock but made a beautiful woman.  

She had some money, and we were between jobs .  Aunt Ashley was nice to let us stay at her place– but we had to agree to her conditions - and she had a really wicked plan.
“Jim,” she said to Dad, “for the summer you’ll be my sister Jillian, and you’ll be a mom to my new niece!  Michael, you’ll be the sexy Melissa, and I’ll show you both how to hang with my girls, the sexiest she-males in the world!  The hottest clothes - the studliest men.  Trust me, you two bitches will love the way it feels… and it tastes!  Oh we’ll have SO much fun- ladies!!” 
Mom and I have to agree with Aunt Ashley .  I guess that’s why we’re wearing these “fuck-me” heels!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Everyone Needs An Outlet: Bonita's Boudoir

Everyone Needs An Outlet Like This!

Bonita’s Boudoir is a Haven Court’s anchor and is the most specialty store for the region most “well endowed” transgals.  A fantastic rite of passage is when a mother and daughter visit for the first time, in preparation for that romantic interlude that they both are planning.   

Hannah is delighted with her panty and bra selection and how it hides the “junk” while streamlining her curves.  And since Barbara didn’t always have such a wondrous bosom, she appreciates the way her lingerie shows off her seductive new d├ęcolletage while not spoiling the “family secret” underneath.

Your guys will love the way you both look!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Water’s Fine (Veda and Emily are soaking it in)

The Water’s Fine

Vance (41): Ahh, what a great day.  Big, hot sun. Gentle breeze. And the water feels so nice on  our tired aching feet, huh?

Eric (18): (whispering):  How can you think about your feet, Dad?  We have breasts – we have big tits!  We’re wearing bikinis and we look like two blonde beach babe hotties!
Veda: That’s because we ARE two blonde beach babe hotties in pink bikinis!  That’s what that special shower in the back did to us, honey.  And by the way, your dad is your mom now.  And you’re my daughter.  Not bad for an old broad like me – coz we look more like sisters, baby girl.
Emily: Holy shit – MOM – these two guys are checking us out!  They are totally undressing us with their eyes!
Veda: Enjoying you, aren’t you, my sexy little girl?  We can say hi to them, flirt with them, or maybe more?
Emily: And what if they want to do more than just hang out??  You know how guys are, Mom!
Veda: Why don’t we both find out?  Just remember to use some  protection, and I don’t mean SP30 lotion! ;)  By the way, I paid for us to have the all-summer pass, so get used to hanging out with Mom!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Shared Experience (Lisa sees herself in Pamela)

A Shared Experience
About a year after my wife Leslie died, I discovered our son Phillip playing with some clothes he thought were hers.  That’s when I told him that long before Larry became his daddy, he liked to dress up as Lisa.  

 I asked him, “Is there a little girl inside of you that wants to play?” and he nodded shyly. I asked if we could spend a day playing together, he left into my arms, and we had the first of several really good cries.  

 After playing with his  longish brown hair, I saw my daughter Pamela for the first time.  

It was so rewarding for us as a family to use our mutual love being girlish as a way to bond.  I bought a ton of mother-daughter outfits, including this darling gray ribbed dress – maybe off the shoulder is a little risque for a girl, but she’s so gorgeous.   

But one night Pammy wore it and was using her hands to shield a reaction to being dressed that I instantly recognized.  But what she said shocked me… “Mommy, I don’t want this anymore.”  

 I knew what she wanted “removed.”  We cried a long time that night, as I came to the inevitable conclusion: my child was born a girl on the inside.  I took her to therapy, and the doctors not only confirmed my suspicions, they helped me cope with who I really was.   

With as Leslie my guardian angel role model, my daughter and I walked down the path together to transition, and began our real lives anew.

Postscript: Ten years later, Pamela is 16 and she has a kind, handsome boyfriend – and  a kind handsome stepdad, too! :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

GiRLs in PROGRESS (Demi & Jo figure it out)


Duane Lopes wondered why in the heck his dad Jack agreed to move the two of them to Seattle with the promise of a great tech analyst job, only to avoid being laid off by agreeing to being the “guinea pig” for an experience as a “virtual sex change.”  

Something about nanites obscuring Jack’s birth gender.  Well – the first time that
Duane walked in on his “mama” he caught Jolene coming out of the shower with some all too real changes to her physique.  Freaking out, Jo was ready to pull out, but instead, her bosses convinced the kid to join in.  

 Thus, Duane is now a cute teen babe named Demetria.  The company will use some of the profits to pay for Demi’s college and will by her and Jo a big new house, but they wonder if giving up on their manhood was worth it.  

 At least they have a near unlimited fashion budget, and they do enjoy shopping together.  And very soon, both of them will have their first real dates with some nice guys – cheer up girls!  

Thursday, June 7, 2012

MOTB: Hope You Don't Mind (Ashley & Suzanne)

MOTB Tales: Hope You Don’t Mind…

Jacob St. James was most definitely a gentleman and tolerant – he was a chip off the old block, as his father had taught him well.  Jake accepted Ashley Morgan as the woman of his dreams – even after he learned of her previous life as Anthony, a sad child stuck in the wrong body.  Now she was so womanly, and after meeting her mother Suzanne, he knew that she had a great role model.  Or so he thought…

He was surprised to see his new mother-in-law in the honeymoon suite, looking longingly at him side by side with her daughter.  Suddenly, he felt an arm around his shoulders.  His dad, Max was also here.    What was going on?
“Honey, I should have told you before – but my Mom here has only been my mother for about three months.  She was my father, Steven, and after seeing me so happy as your fiancee, she let me dress her up, and well, you can see the rest.  Your dad is here because they will be down the hall in their own suite – together - while you and I consummate our new marriage.  I hope you don’t mind , darling.”

Jake smiled.  “Dad – Mom – we’ll see you in the morning!”

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blended Family (Beth leads by example)

Blended Family
Lifelong pals Brian Jones & Paul Hunter decided to move share living quarters to save money.  But Brian was also a woman at heart, who had a thing for Paul. How could this burly guy accept the emergence of the stunning Beth?   

Beth turned to her teen sons, Jeff and Danny, who she knew that down deep, that they were seeking a way to bring the girls inside them out.  With a great deal of pride, Beth & Paul watched Jill pair off with Paul’s nephew Ryan, and Ryan’s bro Timmy was getting very friendly with Beth’s other “daughter,” Dara.  

 “Nice work  -MOM,” Paul whispered into his new lady’s ear.  “My nephews can’t keep their paws off your girls.  Can’t blame em.”   

Beth sighed, as her boyfriend pressed his own arousal into her pert buttocks.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Introducing Crystal (presented by Jayne & Esther)

Introducing Crystal

Brothers Jon and Elliott Zimmer had spent many a Saturday nite as sexy T-sisters Jayne & Esther.  Boosted bras, wigs, slinky black dresses, mixed with cocktails & horny suitors.  Now tonight, a new “girl” joins them – meet the darling Crystal Zimmer. Jon’s son Cole is being introduced to the drag club scene by his part-time “mother” and “aunt.”  

Crystal is a little timid and shy, but Aunt Ess isn’t having any of that.  She’s already flashing her garters, and inviting over a trio of studs with her smile.  Crystal gulps bravely; her mom pats her on her manicured hand.  Jayne remembers her first dance with a guy and she fully expects that her little girl will be a slave to her new pleasure, and the three of them will be back next week!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

C’mon & Smile! (Miranda encourages Sonia)

C’mon & Smile!
“Micah, maybe we shouldn’t try and attract undue attention like this,” whispered Sean Fallon, 42, to his son.  

Single parent Sean had bet his son on the outcome of the playoff series, and Micah, 20 who had begun cross-dressing in college, had quite a wicked sense of humor.

“Relax, MOM,” cooed the now gorgeous Miranda.  “I told you they did a great job on us at that salon, and don’t these heels make our legs look so sexy?  C’mon and smile!  Oh look, those guys are coming over here to talk to us!” 

The newly feminized Sonia gulped and looked down at her newly expanded chest.  The rest of that evening was a whirlwind of new adventures for “mom & daughter.”   

Sonia enjoyed the quality time with her child – almost as much as both girls enjoyed Reggie and Shane’s advances!