Sunday, May 27, 2012

What’s On Their Minds? (Gloria & Julie follow Tracie)

What’s On Their Minds?

“You know when Tracie started living full time as a girl, both her brother and I were against it.  But then she dared us to try drag, and I must say, I’m enjoying the time I’m spending bonding with BOTH my sweet daughters.  We all bought these lovely boots and wow, they make our legs look so lovely.  I guess that’s why Jim – and his sons – got me these GORGEOUS flowers.  I think that tonight, I’m going to relax and enjoying being kissed and held!

 “I still can’t believe that my rough and tumble dad is really getting into carrying on like a woman!  But she really does look so hot, and I really enjoyed bonding with my mom – and my baby sis!  God, these boots make our legs look like supermodels!  And Jimmy was so sweet to bring us all flowers – he’s as handsome as his dad and cousin Stan.  You know, I think I could get used to be his girlfriend…

“It’s working!  Just like with me, when I tried on these sexy magic boots for the first time, it turned me from shy TV to lusty young woman.  I know my bud Stan has appreciated the changes.  He’s the one who helped me trick Dad and Jeff into trying the boots out.  Within 2 weeks, they’ll know what it’s like to be a woman – especially the sex!  Having Mom and Julie on my side is a blessing, and we’ll live happily ever after as three hot, leggy bitches!