Saturday, May 12, 2012

Theraputic (Paige & Jennifer feel like new AGAIN!)


Jason Rhodes thought his dad’s suggestion made a lot of sense.  Both him and Paul were single guys and bored, and they were open to a few weeks in Las Vegas to have some fun.   But the travel agency booked them at some sort of spa hotel.   

“We really don’t need any facials or hot stones or other skin therapy,” they pleaded, but the women who ran the resort seemed to have an agenda of their own.   

The mixture of balms and aromatic appliqués seem to affect father and son in an unusual way.  They seemed softer, and glowed.  They felt closer than ever.  They laughed, cried, and even hugged.  They soon realized that the treatments were feminizing them, but they embraced the way they felt.   

Their caretakers called them “Paige” and “Jennifer”; Jen even called Paige “Mom” after a week.  They gushed over their new blonde hair extensions and their now very full bosoms.  They finally made it to the casinos and the clubs, only they were now sexy babes in short dresses. 

 That night, this set of mother and daughter shemales found the peace and happiness they were looking for – screaming for more as their Sin City conquests fucked them raw.   

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