Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Talk: Inspiration (Christy & Melissa dish)

The Talk: Inspiration

Colin (19): Well, look at you; the person formerly known as my father.  A belly ring? Tan lines? Even a little hearts and flowers “tramp stamp” just above your cute little butt.  Congrats – you are now an official MILF!  So Mom, how does it feel to be the perfect T-girl bitch?
Mike (41): It feels awesome, my dear.  Have I told you how incredible it feels to have a man’s thick cock up your ass?
Christy:  Every chance you get, Mom.  I know that I haven’t gotten beyond oral sex with a guy.  But you’ve inspired me.  Tonight’s the night that Will takes my ass-cherry!  Thanks for inspiring me!
Melissa:  Woo hoo!  Honey, I know you will love it!  And I’m so happy to be your Mom, after being such a shitty father.  I am so happy that my Nick payed for both our breast job, the hormones, and everything.  Ah, isn’t the life of mother and daughter whores so fulfilling?


Anonymous said...

It certainly is quite fulfilling *giggle*
I could use a little fulfilling myself

Annabelle Raven said...


Anonymous said...

Lying on the beach tanning up and getting all the attention. Ahhh, lucky girls...

Great and sexy cap!