Saturday, May 26, 2012

Part of the Family (Mary Ann & Jodi take a vacation)

Part of the Family
Beverly Morgan and her daughter Caryn enjoyed having the Michael Fletcher and his son Jay as neighbors.  They were both devastated by the loss of a spouse/parent, and they enjoyed many social and household activities.  And while you might think that Bev and Mike might have some romantic feelings – or perhaps even Caryn and Jay – it was a pair of Halloween costumes that got them really going.  Bev was a hairdresser and she really did a number on Mike and Jay – make that Mary Ann and Jodi. 

The guys both felt very comfortable having “girls nights” with their friends, and sisterly bonds came about.  Mary Ann  and Jodi also deepened their feelings, and as mother and daughter they encouraged each other to dive deeper into feminine garb.
Flash forward to the summer after the kids graduated high school, a long planned metamorphosis took place.  The foursome headed for the lake resort, ready to enjoy a month in bikinis!  

The hormones that Mary and Jodi had been taking for six months were paying off; Caryn said in mock jealousy that her Aunt Mary Ann and cousin Jodi were going to monopolize all of the hot guys and leave her and Mom with slim pickings.  But all four “girls” were enjoying all kinds of attention, and many solo and double dates were held.  And they such fun shopping for just the right dress and heels to drive their suitors mad with lust!  By summer’s end, both T-girls would have lovers wrapped around their little fingers.

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