Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The OTHER South Beach Diet (Natasha & Deborah)

The OTHER South Beach Diet

University of Miami biochemist Dr. David Levin recently developed a compound that accelerated weight loss through a hormonal process.  Both Dr. Levin’ and his son Noah were obese, and in a moment of blind irresponsibility, David gave a sample to his son and self medicated as well.

Of course, once the provost found out, David was out on his ass – which now was a round perky ass that looked so good a black mini-dress.  So did Noah’s posterior.  Of course, the Levins were shocked at the other changes, but their minds were also clouded by the chemical imbalance.  

Natasha and her mother Deborah were too preoccupied with their new looks – and new desires – to care about David’s lost tenure.  There’s no shortage of sugar daddies in South Florida who can look after them!


Anonymous said...

That darn provost! This needs to be researched further. I gladly submit myself for human trials.

Steffimariechen said...

Finally a diet I can stick to!!!!

Nice caption, Hun :)


Annabelle Raven said...

Thx girls :)