Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A New Kind of Paradise (and the vacation we'd all enjoy!)

A New Kind of
“Oh look at this water.  So warm, so crystal clear.”

“It’ll feel so nice to wash all of this sand off my back.”

“My back – my arms – my legs – my ass! (giggle)”

“Your forgot one thing, son.  Your new pussy.”

“Yea, but that’s not sand, Dad.  That’s the cabana boy’s spunk, running down my legs – and yours.”

“Oh yea – how did that get there?”  Both laugh.

“So how are we going to explain this when we fly back home?  Oh, we magically became a hot mom and daughter after drinking that blue tequila drink.”

“Looking like we do, and knowing that no male with a pulse and dick can’t resist us – why say anything?  

I think our lives are a lot easier now – sweetheart.”

“Hmmm… you’re right – Mom.  Oh yes, this water’s just right.  Now, where did Pablo head off to?”

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Chrissy said...

Ooo mommy, you make such great captions!