Thursday, May 17, 2012

MOTB Tales: Girly Family Night Out (1 bride, 3 generations)

MOTB Tales: Girly Family Night Out

Doug Willow’s family was always supportive of his coming out as a woman.  But when Debbie was getting ready to marry her sweetheart, they took it to a new level!

“You guys rock!” cried Debbie as her dad, little brother, two uncles, cousin and even grandfather, all showed up at the Breeze nightclub looking as female as the future bride.

“Deborah, do you look like guys to you?” laughed “grandma” Abby,  formerly Abram.  

 “Maybe she means the cute guys at the bar, Mom,” cooed Aunt Nicole  AKA Uncle

Nicole’s “daughter” Julie (cousin Jack)  added “Lisa, Carrie  (Deb’s brothers Lex & Cliff) and I are going to have such fun as your bridesmaids!”

“That reminds me,” mused Michelle – born Marc, Doug’s dad – “When we go shopping for gowns and MOTB dresses, you and I need to have a woman-to-woman talk, honey.” 

 “I can hardly wait - MOM!” Debbie replied – as all the women at the table laughed!

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