Thursday, May 31, 2012

Magic Princess (3 gen of girls and a cute lil b...)

Magic Princess

“Jeremy, I said No!  We can’t have a dog, we can’t afford it” my son Ron snapped to my grandson. 

“But Dad, I… look he likes you and Grandpa Sam!”   

My heart felt for the poor kid.  “Buddy, maybe when the factory brings me and your Dad back to work, we can afford it,” I said as I handed the bull terrier pup to Ron. 

Heh, IF we ever get a dog, Pop, we need a tougher, bigger, meaner dog than this little runt,” my son sneered; I should point out that we used to automotive workers before the layoffs. 

Then the little bugger let out this thunderous bark that made us all wince – how did something this small – this CUTE – make that noise?  Then I couldn’t see anything, other than my hair – wait I have a crew cut just like my boys – but now I have this long blonde mop on my head, and I feel – different.  

Rachel is still holding the dog, but now she’s cooing and petting him gently.  “Well now that I am starting next week as a secretary, I think we can afford him, Mom. But, Jennifer, there’s a lot of responsibility with a pet.”   

“I think she’s a big girl now and up to the task,” I patted Jen on the shoulder.  

“Oh YES, I am Grandma Sally!  Mommy, I love him and will take care of him!”

“Baby, I know you will, but you know what?  He’s not a he – she’s a she – a girl dog!”  

 I smiled and said, “Perfect -  because you know that she’s going to be a spoiled princess, just like the three of us.“ 

Of course, that’s how Princess got her name!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful puppy! Every family should have a pet like Princess

Dee Mentia said...

Cute story! And they got a Spuds MacKensie type dog!

Martha said...

Yes, that would make me get a 2nd dog, but only this dog. ;) nice idea