Sunday, May 6, 2012

MADAME JAE'S presents: After All These Years (Sandra finds Rachel)


“Hello.  My name is Sandra.  What’s your name?”  

“Randy  - I mean Rachel.  My name is Rachel,” the younger blonde said nervously. 

 It was Randy Hyatt’s first time having undergone the Madame Jae’s treatment. 

 What was in that Jae Juice they gave him?  The cleavage he didn’t have 3 hours ago seemed so lifelike, like it was part of – her?

“You’re very pretty Rachel.  You seem like a natural girl.  Now don’t be so uptight.  We’re all friends here,” cooed the mature but lovely Sandra.   

She looks awfully familiar, thought Rachel.

“Thanks.  I was just working here as an IT tech, and I was so surprised that a salon that catering to dressing in drag existed.”

“Oh it’s much more than that Rachel.  It’s about being who are inside.  I always felt like a woman, even when I was growing up and starting a family.” Sandra looked down at her manicured hands with some form of shame.

“Me too,” Rachel replied with a quivering lip.  “My mom and stepdad kicked me out of the house after college for wearing lingerie – those damm bigots!”   

Sandra took Rachel’s hand and gulped, ready to share her secret.  “I know them very well, honey.  They kept me away from you for 15 years.  But now, heaven and earth cannot keep us apart.”  

 Choking back a sob, she whispered, “It’s me, your dad.”

“Dad?  No way!  I…. Well we do look an awful lot  alike as girls, but how…”

“It’s true, Rachel.  I was born Stanley Hyatt, and I married your birth mother 24 years ago.  23 years ago last month, your birth was my proudest moment.  Too bad Elizabeth was hell bent on bust balls – she did a number of both of us huh?  What a bitch!”

“Oh I HATE her now!  Her and Wayne! Oh my God!”  Sandra and Rachel embraced while sobbing for a solid five minutes.  Wiping her tears, Rachel oddly giggled.

“No wonder we resemble each other!”  Sandra laughed and kissed her “daughter” on the cheek.

“Baby, you’re already reacting so well to the Jae Juice – body and spirit.  It’s only going to get better.  The hair – the breasts – the legs!  And then there’s the lovely clothes  - the pampering – the girl talk!”

“Dad – I…  I want to be with someone -  a man.  I want to be a man’s woman.  His woman.  Is that…”

“Now I know you’re my daughter now, Rachel,” Sandra winked.  “My dear, I have had a relationship with a J-Club member for a year now.  The love, the sex, everything is incredible.  Listen, when Madame determined that you were my child, she called me and we set up this meeting.  So many of my MJ girlfriends have the sweetest relationships with their new moms, daughters, and sisters.  We have lost too much time together – I want us to be a true family again – only this time – I want to be Mom!  That damm Liz doesn’t deserve you, darling!”

“OH MOMMY!  You got a deal – on one condition – you need to tell me what it’s liked when your guy makes love to you as a sexy Madame Jae lady!”

Mother and daughter shrieked as they laughed and embraced.  Watching on the CCTV, Madame Jae and her team watched with huge smiles on their faces!


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful reunion! They have so much lost time to make up for. Madame Jae does wonderful work

w8z2x4m said...

What a joy, when mom and daughter can cast off the encumbrance of malignant masculinity and revel in the revelation of their true beauty, to foster a warmth and intimacy that, though longed-for, was unattainable while false machismo and bouts of member-measuring prevented their hearts from realizing the full depth of parent-child bonding!..

Now, freed from the heaping of belligerent bull s***, they converse contently in their giggly, giddy coffee-clutch afternoons, measuring their happiness by trading tales of their mens' members, and what marvelous unmentionables they bought at Macy's

Oops, sorry Annabelle, that may be over the top.


Annabelle Raven said...

LOL Elle! I love the way you think. I can totally see Sandra and Rachel sipping lattes and discreetly snickering about the girth in the horny barrista's pants, all the while their panties are tented. Maybe they'll corner him in the restroom ;)