Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Fountain: Lost and Found (expanding on Shannon's work)

The Fountain: Lost and Found
“Daddy! Daddy!  My pee-pee is gone!  It’s gone.”
   I remember saying that to my dad, Tim, who was 28 at the time, and worked in a store that sold fishing rods and other stuff for people who liked to camp and hike and be outdoors.  I was 5 at the time, and at the time my name was Calvin.

But after getting lost in the Florida brush on a quick weekend vacation, we took a dip in this fresh water pond.  Then I realized that I had something I had all my life. 

 I cried out for Dad, but he said a bad word, and his voice was – softer.  He had skinny dipped too, and not only had he lost his “best friend”, his hips were now flared out – like a woman.  

 Somehow we were now girls – was it the water we swam in?

“I see you two found the Fountain,” a nice lady who said her name was Miss Annie said as she gave us some robes to warm up.  Her nice daughter Shannon started a fire. 

“I know it seems odd to now suddenly be female – we were scared and concerned too when we found it.  But I think you’ll come to find you’ll love being mother and daughter.” 

 That next fall, Mommy (Tina) enrolled her daughter Carissa in school as a girl.  We looked so pretty in our matching white dresses and dark hair!

“Carissa, do you remember that day 16 years ago when Calvin yelled at his father – I lost my pee-pee?”   
We always laughed so hard we cried as we lay on the bed in our suite, overlooking the famous Fountain.   
“I do indeed, Mom,” I giggled. 

“But I have some good news… I found a replacement for that long lost body part.  Jordan said I can use his pee-pee anytime.”   

My mom Tina grinned.  “See just like I told you when I married Warren; we got the better end of that transaction, daughter dear.” 

She then leaned on her side, showing my the gorgeous breasts and stunning face that I obviously inherited from her.  

 “That was the greatest day of our lives.  I became a mother, and Carissa, you became my daughter.  Today we celebrate our journey.  How we adapted and overcome our issues, with the help of our best friends, Annabelle and Shannon.  We celebrate our closeness; you are my baby girl and my best friend and I love you more than all.  Watching you grow up to be a gorgeous sexy woman makes my heart complete.  We have it all – friends, family, and men who put us on a pedestal and make us feel like princesses – and then take us to bed and make us scream in joy.”  

 I kissed her and said, “And now, we’re back home at the Fountain Resort,  Mom.  It is our journey -  back to us!”

To all who have come to enjoy this blog, thank you!

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