Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fillies and STUDS (Amelia and Genevieve celebrate the Triple Crown!)

Fillies and STUDS
Glen  Dane loved horses, and at barely 5’, he was a natural as a jockey.  He hoped his son Andy would follow, but he was taller like his birth mother, a floozy waitress.  Andy loved his Dad but he just thought that the racing lifestyle was not for him, and that Glen worked so hard for such little pay.
After college, Any told Dad he needed to find “his ride” and he left for the coast.  

 Then one day, a stunning brunette met Glen at the bar where many of the riders frequented.
“Andy?” Glen gasped in amazement.   

“Amelia, now,” the transformed young man cooed.  “Now before you judge, let me tell you that, thanks to my hot new boyfriend, I’m actually involved in racing.  Our 3 year old is entered into the Derby!  And you’re invited to join us in John’s private box to see the race; of course, I told him that my MOM was single and looking.”

Genevieve Dane soon found herself in a low cut blue dress (with a matching hat of course), amazed at how comfortable she felt as a lovely lady and re-connecting with her “daughter.”  

 “Mom, you spent all those riding thoroughbreds.  Now you’re going to find out what it’s like to take a rich stud all the way to the winners’ circle!”


Anonymous said...

Like daughter like mother. O nice to see a common interest reuniting family. I'm sure Genevieve will find her riding much more rewarding from now on

Anonymous said...

I love the fashions women wear to the Derby, Ascot, etc. I've always wondered if a guy ever dressed up for the event? Probably so and they are very lucky! Consider the primping, lingerie, dress, heels, hat and the day in the salon for flawless hair , nails and makeup.
Thanks for your blog