Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fair Share: Annie and Evie - together again ;)

Evie & Annie
  “See anything you like, boys?” Evie cooed as she teased her boss and his college grad step- son with full view of her pulsing, dripping sex.  She was as proud of her sextastic body as she was on her mother, Annie.   

“I know what I like.. I’d like both of them,” the older blonde cooed.   

"Mom – we can always trade cocks – if you share fair with me, I will with you,” Evie said.
“Oh you’re so smart,” Annie giggled.  Both girls looked at each other – they came so far after the original transformation from dad/son to mom/ daughter.  To be reborn as females in a world that never knew Adam &Evan.   

And while they gave themselves fully to their new bodies, they became closer than ever.  No man could resist one by herself.  But when they worked as one – it surely was not fair!


Chaosbeast said...

It's true. On your own your irresistible, together you're completely unstoppable. ;)

I love our super sexy family!

Evie said...

Wow, we're just soooooo hawt! Love this one, I almost feel jealous of, well myself...

Annabelle Raven said...

thank you my loves - you both inspire me :x