Saturday, May 5, 2012

DRUNK! and.. (Halle and Danni under the influence)

DRUNK! and..
Damien Garcia was always at odds with his father Henry over Damien’s cross-dressing. 

 “Be a man, you pansy!” Henry snapped.   

That made Damien so angry he stormed out of the house.  Henry knew he went too far, and he promised his son he'd do anything to get his forgiveness.   

“Anything huh?” Damien mused.

“I thought you meant a boys’ night out – not this.  This is ridiculous,” muttered Henry to his son, who was now in “Danielle” mode.  

 “You said anything – MOM,” giggled Danni, as Henry looked quite presentable as an older woman.  

 “Halle” actually had quite the figure and both girls were enjoying the steady round of free drinks the barkeep was giving them.  

Ya know, sweetie, I think these guys want to ask us to dance.  But do they that we’re…”

“Oh they know that we’re in drag, Mom.  And they do want to dance, and after a few more drinks, they’ll want something else from us.”

Halle chugged her mixed drink, now realizing what their fate was.  She was a sexy shemale – like “mother” like “daughter”  And she could get used to “girls night out” with Danni, - enjoying cocktails – and cocks.   

She just wasn’t sure which vice was more intoxicating!

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