Thursday, May 31, 2012

Magic Princess (3 gen of girls and a cute lil b...)

Magic Princess

“Jeremy, I said No!  We can’t have a dog, we can’t afford it” my son Ron snapped to my grandson. 

“But Dad, I… look he likes you and Grandpa Sam!”   

My heart felt for the poor kid.  “Buddy, maybe when the factory brings me and your Dad back to work, we can afford it,” I said as I handed the bull terrier pup to Ron. 

Heh, IF we ever get a dog, Pop, we need a tougher, bigger, meaner dog than this little runt,” my son sneered; I should point out that we used to automotive workers before the layoffs. 

Then the little bugger let out this thunderous bark that made us all wince – how did something this small – this CUTE – make that noise?  Then I couldn’t see anything, other than my hair – wait I have a crew cut just like my boys – but now I have this long blonde mop on my head, and I feel – different.  

Rachel is still holding the dog, but now she’s cooing and petting him gently.  “Well now that I am starting next week as a secretary, I think we can afford him, Mom. But, Jennifer, there’s a lot of responsibility with a pet.”   

“I think she’s a big girl now and up to the task,” I patted Jen on the shoulder.  

“Oh YES, I am Grandma Sally!  Mommy, I love him and will take care of him!”

“Baby, I know you will, but you know what?  He’s not a he – she’s a she – a girl dog!”  

 I smiled and said, “Perfect -  because you know that she’s going to be a spoiled princess, just like the three of us.“ 

Of course, that’s how Princess got her name!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Talk: Inspiration (Christy & Melissa dish)

The Talk: Inspiration

Colin (19): Well, look at you; the person formerly known as my father.  A belly ring? Tan lines? Even a little hearts and flowers “tramp stamp” just above your cute little butt.  Congrats – you are now an official MILF!  So Mom, how does it feel to be the perfect T-girl bitch?
Mike (41): It feels awesome, my dear.  Have I told you how incredible it feels to have a man’s thick cock up your ass?
Christy:  Every chance you get, Mom.  I know that I haven’t gotten beyond oral sex with a guy.  But you’ve inspired me.  Tonight’s the night that Will takes my ass-cherry!  Thanks for inspiring me!
Melissa:  Woo hoo!  Honey, I know you will love it!  And I’m so happy to be your Mom, after being such a shitty father.  I am so happy that my Nick payed for both our breast job, the hormones, and everything.  Ah, isn’t the life of mother and daughter whores so fulfilling?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

What’s On Their Minds? (Gloria & Julie follow Tracie)

What’s On Their Minds?

“You know when Tracie started living full time as a girl, both her brother and I were against it.  But then she dared us to try drag, and I must say, I’m enjoying the time I’m spending bonding with BOTH my sweet daughters.  We all bought these lovely boots and wow, they make our legs look so lovely.  I guess that’s why Jim – and his sons – got me these GORGEOUS flowers.  I think that tonight, I’m going to relax and enjoying being kissed and held!

 “I still can’t believe that my rough and tumble dad is really getting into carrying on like a woman!  But she really does look so hot, and I really enjoyed bonding with my mom – and my baby sis!  God, these boots make our legs look like supermodels!  And Jimmy was so sweet to bring us all flowers – he’s as handsome as his dad and cousin Stan.  You know, I think I could get used to be his girlfriend…

“It’s working!  Just like with me, when I tried on these sexy magic boots for the first time, it turned me from shy TV to lusty young woman.  I know my bud Stan has appreciated the changes.  He’s the one who helped me trick Dad and Jeff into trying the boots out.  Within 2 weeks, they’ll know what it’s like to be a woman – especially the sex!  Having Mom and Julie on my side is a blessing, and we’ll live happily ever after as three hot, leggy bitches!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Part of the Family (Mary Ann & Jodi take a vacation)

Part of the Family
Beverly Morgan and her daughter Caryn enjoyed having the Michael Fletcher and his son Jay as neighbors.  They were both devastated by the loss of a spouse/parent, and they enjoyed many social and household activities.  And while you might think that Bev and Mike might have some romantic feelings – or perhaps even Caryn and Jay – it was a pair of Halloween costumes that got them really going.  Bev was a hairdresser and she really did a number on Mike and Jay – make that Mary Ann and Jodi. 

The guys both felt very comfortable having “girls nights” with their friends, and sisterly bonds came about.  Mary Ann  and Jodi also deepened their feelings, and as mother and daughter they encouraged each other to dive deeper into feminine garb.
Flash forward to the summer after the kids graduated high school, a long planned metamorphosis took place.  The foursome headed for the lake resort, ready to enjoy a month in bikinis!  

The hormones that Mary and Jodi had been taking for six months were paying off; Caryn said in mock jealousy that her Aunt Mary Ann and cousin Jodi were going to monopolize all of the hot guys and leave her and Mom with slim pickings.  But all four “girls” were enjoying all kinds of attention, and many solo and double dates were held.  And they such fun shopping for just the right dress and heels to drive their suitors mad with lust!  By summer’s end, both T-girls would have lovers wrapped around their little fingers.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fair Share: Annie and Evie - together again ;)

Evie & Annie
  “See anything you like, boys?” Evie cooed as she teased her boss and his college grad step- son with full view of her pulsing, dripping sex.  She was as proud of her sextastic body as she was on her mother, Annie.   

“I know what I like.. I’d like both of them,” the older blonde cooed.   

"Mom – we can always trade cocks – if you share fair with me, I will with you,” Evie said.
“Oh you’re so smart,” Annie giggled.  Both girls looked at each other – they came so far after the original transformation from dad/son to mom/ daughter.  To be reborn as females in a world that never knew Adam &Evan.   

And while they gave themselves fully to their new bodies, they became closer than ever.  No man could resist one by herself.  But when they worked as one – it surely was not fair!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Law of Unintended Consequences (Layla and her "family")

The Law of Unintended Consequences

Layla, the only brunette in this picture, was born Larry, and she was a werewoman, and an exceptionally horny one.  

 She had met Brad, and through him, she also met his dad Greg, his Uncle Danny, and his cousin Shaun.  And she slept with all four of them.  Of course, she infected them all, and they are all transformed.   

But as a family, they felt compelled to “adopt” Layla, and help her with her – and their – condition.   

Even though she stands out amongst the four blondes, she feels at home with her new sister, mother, aunt, and niece.  And as a pack of shape shifting transwoman sluts, they can all hunt new prey together…

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Talk It Out (Rebecca and Joyce discuss their new lives)

Talk It Out
starring Rebecca (15) and Joyce (38)

Jack: So are you going to stay pissed off at me for the rest of your life?  It’s not like I know how we can go back to being a father and son.  And besides, I think we have a pretty good life now.   Because we’re female in this dimension, we’re no longer scrawny, we’re leggy.  We both got a lot of crap in school for our shaggy hair – but this way, we can let it grow out, and we look pretty good!  And it turns out that Joyce was a lot better at the dating game than Jack was.  Sean’s a pretty nice guy, and he takes care of us.  He’s got money, so that’s no longer a…

Roger:  That’s not the POINT – “Mom” – and you know it.  I never asked to go through that intra-dimensional portal thing!  I thought you were crazy and now I’m convinced.  I never asked to grow boobs and lose my… you know!  This is fucked up!

Joyce: Hey watch your language, young LADY.  Look, I never thought I’d say this but I have to admit it – I make a pretty damm good woman, and so will you.  The way your father looks at me – I appreciate it.  And I think it gives me some sort of power of him.  And he dotes on you too,  miss Princess.

Rebecca:  That’s interesting that you say that – Mom.  Because it’s weird… Kevin Morgan used to give me crap for years because I was this runt –and now, he smiles when he sees me, and he’s NICE, and he holds open the door for me at school…

Joyce: He thinks you’re cute honey.    Take advantage of that!

Rebecca:  Well, he does want to take me to the spring dance…

Joyce: Honey, I would love to take you dress shopping and to the salon.  Buttons thinks you should too; isn’t that right girl?

Buttons: RUFF RUFF  (translation: I sure hope “Mom” and “Big Sis” don’t plan on taking me back to the pet grooming salon!)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fillies and STUDS (Amelia and Genevieve celebrate the Triple Crown!)

Fillies and STUDS
Glen  Dane loved horses, and at barely 5’, he was a natural as a jockey.  He hoped his son Andy would follow, but he was taller like his birth mother, a floozy waitress.  Andy loved his Dad but he just thought that the racing lifestyle was not for him, and that Glen worked so hard for such little pay.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

MOTB Tales: Girly Family Night Out (1 bride, 3 generations)

MOTB Tales: Girly Family Night Out

Doug Willow’s family was always supportive of his coming out as a woman.  But when Debbie was getting ready to marry her sweetheart, they took it to a new level!

“You guys rock!” cried Debbie as her dad, little brother, two uncles, cousin and even grandfather, all showed up at the Breeze nightclub looking as female as the future bride.

“Deborah, do you look like guys to you?” laughed “grandma” Abby,  formerly Abram.  

 “Maybe she means the cute guys at the bar, Mom,” cooed Aunt Nicole  AKA Uncle

Nicole’s “daughter” Julie (cousin Jack)  added “Lisa, Carrie  (Deb’s brothers Lex & Cliff) and I are going to have such fun as your bridesmaids!”

“That reminds me,” mused Michelle – born Marc, Doug’s dad – “When we go shopping for gowns and MOTB dresses, you and I need to have a woman-to-woman talk, honey.” 

 “I can hardly wait - MOM!” Debbie replied – as all the women at the table laughed!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The OTHER South Beach Diet (Natasha & Deborah)

The OTHER South Beach Diet

University of Miami biochemist Dr. David Levin recently developed a compound that accelerated weight loss through a hormonal process.  Both Dr. Levin’ and his son Noah were obese, and in a moment of blind irresponsibility, David gave a sample to his son and self medicated as well.

Of course, once the provost found out, David was out on his ass – which now was a round perky ass that looked so good a black mini-dress.  So did Noah’s posterior.  Of course, the Levins were shocked at the other changes, but their minds were also clouded by the chemical imbalance.  

Natasha and her mother Deborah were too preoccupied with their new looks – and new desires – to care about David’s lost tenure.  There’s no shortage of sugar daddies in South Florida who can look after them!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Fountain: Lost and Found (expanding on Shannon's work)

The Fountain: Lost and Found
“Daddy! Daddy!  My pee-pee is gone!  It’s gone.”
   I remember saying that to my dad, Tim, who was 28 at the time, and worked in a store that sold fishing rods and other stuff for people who liked to camp and hike and be outdoors.  I was 5 at the time, and at the time my name was Calvin.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Theraputic (Paige & Jennifer feel like new AGAIN!)


Jason Rhodes thought his dad’s suggestion made a lot of sense.  Both him and Paul were single guys and bored, and they were open to a few weeks in Las Vegas to have some fun.   But the travel agency booked them at some sort of spa hotel.   

“We really don’t need any facials or hot stones or other skin therapy,” they pleaded, but the women who ran the resort seemed to have an agenda of their own.   

The mixture of balms and aromatic appliqués seem to affect father and son in an unusual way.  They seemed softer, and glowed.  They felt closer than ever.  They laughed, cried, and even hugged.  They soon realized that the treatments were feminizing them, but they embraced the way they felt.   

Their caretakers called them “Paige” and “Jennifer”; Jen even called Paige “Mom” after a week.  They gushed over their new blonde hair extensions and their now very full bosoms.  They finally made it to the casinos and the clubs, only they were now sexy babes in short dresses. 

 That night, this set of mother and daughter shemales found the peace and happiness they were looking for – screaming for more as their Sin City conquests fucked them raw.   

Sunday, May 6, 2012

MADAME JAE'S presents: After All These Years (Sandra finds Rachel)


“Hello.  My name is Sandra.  What’s your name?”  

“Randy  - I mean Rachel.  My name is Rachel,” the younger blonde said nervously. 

 It was Randy Hyatt’s first time having undergone the Madame Jae’s treatment. 

 What was in that Jae Juice they gave him?  The cleavage he didn’t have 3 hours ago seemed so lifelike, like it was part of – her?

“You’re very pretty Rachel.  You seem like a natural girl.  Now don’t be so uptight.  We’re all friends here,” cooed the mature but lovely Sandra.   

She looks awfully familiar, thought Rachel.

“Thanks.  I was just working here as an IT tech, and I was so surprised that a salon that catering to dressing in drag existed.”

“Oh it’s much more than that Rachel.  It’s about being who are inside.  I always felt like a woman, even when I was growing up and starting a family.” Sandra looked down at her manicured hands with some form of shame.

“Me too,” Rachel replied with a quivering lip.  “My mom and stepdad kicked me out of the house after college for wearing lingerie – those damm bigots!”   

Sandra took Rachel’s hand and gulped, ready to share her secret.  “I know them very well, honey.  They kept me away from you for 15 years.  But now, heaven and earth cannot keep us apart.”  

 Choking back a sob, she whispered, “It’s me, your dad.”

“Dad?  No way!  I…. Well we do look an awful lot  alike as girls, but how…”

“It’s true, Rachel.  I was born Stanley Hyatt, and I married your birth mother 24 years ago.  23 years ago last month, your birth was my proudest moment.  Too bad Elizabeth was hell bent on bust balls – she did a number of both of us huh?  What a bitch!”

“Oh I HATE her now!  Her and Wayne! Oh my God!”  Sandra and Rachel embraced while sobbing for a solid five minutes.  Wiping her tears, Rachel oddly giggled.

“No wonder we resemble each other!”  Sandra laughed and kissed her “daughter” on the cheek.

“Baby, you’re already reacting so well to the Jae Juice – body and spirit.  It’s only going to get better.  The hair – the breasts – the legs!  And then there’s the lovely clothes  - the pampering – the girl talk!”

“Dad – I…  I want to be with someone -  a man.  I want to be a man’s woman.  His woman.  Is that…”

“Now I know you’re my daughter now, Rachel,” Sandra winked.  “My dear, I have had a relationship with a J-Club member for a year now.  The love, the sex, everything is incredible.  Listen, when Madame determined that you were my child, she called me and we set up this meeting.  So many of my MJ girlfriends have the sweetest relationships with their new moms, daughters, and sisters.  We have lost too much time together – I want us to be a true family again – only this time – I want to be Mom!  That damm Liz doesn’t deserve you, darling!”

“OH MOMMY!  You got a deal – on one condition – you need to tell me what it’s liked when your guy makes love to you as a sexy Madame Jae lady!”

Mother and daughter shrieked as they laughed and embraced.  Watching on the CCTV, Madame Jae and her team watched with huge smiles on their faces!