Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yum-Yum's (Dining with Angela, Priscilla, and Hanna)


Downtown’s award winning bistro, owned and operated by three generations of restaurateurs – Angela Robins (62), daughter Priscilla (41), and granddaughter Hanna (21)  

Yum-Yum’s beautiful space on Raven Street was once home to Maria’s, a beloved diner run by a gregarious Romanian immigrant, but it closed suddenly when the landlord, Albert Robinson would not renew.  Al’s son Patrick wanted to open a chain hot wing tavern, that his slacker son Heath would run the bar.  Miss Maria was devastated and contacted her Aunt, who chanted an old gypsy spell. 

 In a new reality, Maria’s family now owns the real estate company, and the new ladies were now in the dining business.  Pris is the head chef, Hanna is sous chef, and Ang is the hostess with the “mostess.”  Tonight, the girls are celebrating rave reviews and the signing of a new lease with Maria’s company.  Maria knows that, because the men in her family  are the Robins gals’ new husbands, that she has  given them their “just desserts!”

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