Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Wonderful Night Out (Jil has a lot in common with Elaine)

A Wonderful Night Out

I wish I had known this earlier, Dad. According to Mom, you had an unique way of keeping your marriage fresh – you would dress up as her best girlfriend Elaine (as opposed to Edward) and you would both date handsome men.

But then you stopped out of fear of being a bad father to me. But the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. In college, I met my sweetheart Denise who introduced me to Jay’s female side – Jill. We also enjoyed dressing up as hotties and giving some cute guys a good time.

I think Mom and her daughter in law have been talking and planning this behind our back. But they love us and we love them, so it’s all good. Taking us to the salon for a day of primping – including some blonde hair extensions and some breast forms.

God, how does it feel to have such huge boobs Dad – I mean Mom. That’s right, we’re mom and daughter – and we’re going out together by ourselves.

We’ve bought these ultra small black cocktail dresses and these gorgeous six inch strappy heels. They’ll show off our fab legs and make our round little butts shimmer and shake like real girls.

God, we sure do look like a pair of hot blonde babes, “Mom.” But that’s not all.

Our wives called some favors of some coworkers, who will be taking us out. And they packed some sexy teddies in our bags, and booked a suite at the Plaza hotel.

These guys love girls like us, Mom! They’re so handsome and are very romantic. What a wonderful evening we’re going to have tonight, Mom!

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