Sunday, April 15, 2012

Postcard from Paradise (Life's a Beach with Betty and Erin)


Greetings from Paradise. I know you were wondering what happened to Brian and Eric Chase, who were attempting to become the first father-son duo to chart a sailboat around the world in less than eight months People we’re betting against us, but I was an experienced sailor and my boy was by my side. Well, about four months in, we made it to this island, we thought was deserted.

The main sail had a tear, and we were exploring the island looking for anything we could use to sew it up. Eric came across what he thought was some kind of silk we could sew with; but it turns out, it was some sort of larvae that spun this out-of-control cocoon and it attacked us. It took a few days us to awaken from our “pupa” and to our shock, we had both undergone full sex changes.

We were smaller and weaker and desperate for answers. We sailed for the nearest port; however a bad storm hit us bad and we sent out an SOS. Luckily, two wealthy yachtsmen were nearby and saved us.

We gave them a cover story; we were Betty and Erin, mother and daughter tourists who were hopelessly lost. We were three days from land and during that time our new hormones kicked into overdrive. Perhaps we were also giving off pheromones as Perry and his son Geoff couldn’t control their desires either.

Two months later, we finally made it “home” – to our guys’ private island in the Antilles. They took this picture of us sunning ourselves; five minutes later, they fucked us side-by-side, with not a care in the world.

And Erin and I are not sorry at all that we couldn’t finish our journey. But what a journey it’s been, and now my daughter and I have set course for a much greater destination – love and happiness!

XXOO, Betty

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Chaosbeast said...

I'm still waiting for those coordinates. It sounds like te perfect place for a family vacation!