Thursday, April 12, 2012

Life In Our New Hometown (Six sweet girls!)

Life In Our New Hometown
“Well, we could be bitter about the chemical spill and its affects on our family,” Joan Crane, 48, said as she assisted her eldest daughter, Tina, 23, for her wedding dress. “But all six of us – my three children and two grandchildren and myself, are actually now quite happy to be female.”

James Crane worked at the Duvalier plant, while raising Tom, Gary, and Dwayne. Tom’s high school sweetheart had left him high and dry with their sons Zack and Leo, and they all lived together. They lived a mile from the plant, and one day Reactor 4’s overflow accidentally spilled into the creek behind the Crane’s land, and as the boys slept they became feverish and groggy, while their DNA was rewritten.

. Duvalier knew they had a PR nightmare and a need to make their employee and family’s life whole again, so they settled big time, even paying for a psychologist to help the family. Ultimately, the six of them helped each other cope.

In their new hometown , Grandma Joan loved doting on her “dress up dolls” Zoey (now 6) and Lynzi (4) while helping Tina with her new motherly chores. But it was Tina’s new baby sisters Gia (16) and Deanna (15) who encouraged Tina to accept the invitation of the cute delivery man, Jason, for a date. The former jocks and “boys boys” were now boy crazy, and they were becoming quite popular at school, but they were good girls who followed Mom’s rules. It was truly as house full of love.

Tina had her eye on just the right gown, and Joan was ready to spend a fortune on the gown, bridesmaids dresses for the older girls, and flower girl frocks for Tina’s girls. And she had her eye on just the right mother of the bride dress – she hoped her new beau Charlie would approve!


Anonymous said...

It's always touching to find a family coming together after such a tragedy. It's truly heartwarming!

Martha said...

Wonderful story. :) Love how they changed and how you used the photo. Well done

Annabelle Raven said...

Glad to see y'all appreciate the innocent sweet and touching as well as the naughty, sexy, and (inappropriate anywhere but here!) touching.