Saturday, April 14, 2012

For Kyra (and Evie - and myself ;) - B'day BJ!

Birthday Blowjob


Kyra, 18

Evie, 19

Annabelle, 39

And introducing “Chucky”

Evan and his sons Adam and Keith decided after Evan got a huge severance package from his long time employer, they move to warmer climes, and explore the female souls they all had. With a little surgery and a lot of hormones, they moved to Florida as Annabelle, a sexy blonde widow with two college age daughters!

The new sisters, Evie and Kyra, loved their new life and they now felt their relationship with “Mom” so much better, they gave her the #1 Mom t-shirt. Annie wore it proudly!

A year older, Evie had already jumped into the dating scene, and on the night that Annie was going to take her girls out to celebrate Kyra’s 18th birthday, they had a bit of a spat.

It seems that Kyra and Annie walked in on Evie, as the tart sucked the cock of her boyfriend Chuckie.

“Mom! Make her stop!,” whined Kyra, who in a jealous fit, pushed her older sister away and began orally pleasing the lad’s 7 inch monster.

“Hey, what the fuck, sis!” snapped Evie.

“Girls, stop whining both of you,” Annie admonished her little sluts.

Then the MILF took matters in her own hands – and mouth! The father turned cougar tapped on her youngest’s shoulder, and then went down on the young stud!

“Ewww! Dad – I mean Mom,” shrieked Kyra. “I can’t believe I’m watching my parent sucking a man’s penis. How could you?”

“Kyra, chill, baby sis,” Evie responded. “I mean, Mom wanted to be experience life as a woman just like us. I mean, we are all girls now, and I think we all love the taste of a man’s dick in our throat. Wow – look at her go sis! Mom really is deep throating him!”

“Holy shit, Evie,” Kyra gasped. “Mom has almost his entire length in her mouth. What an incredible blow job!”

Annie wanted to respond to her daughters, but there was no way she could remove her lips from this massive amount of meat. As the MILF devoured her daughter’s boyfriend, she felt a heat in her new vagina. Annie’s new hormones were at work, making her new nest slick, and she needed a release of some sorts.

And as Evie and Kyra watched their mother’s lips move up and down Chuckie, they felt their own juices kick in...

Of course, Chuckie himself was enjoying the attention.

“God, Evie, your mom’s as much of a hot bitch as you are. So is your little sister.”

“Mommy, make him cum,” cooed Evie. “I want to see him explode in your mouth.”

“Me too. Suck that big fat dick, oh Mommmmy,” Kyra cried out.

Annie knew how close she was to orgasm, and her lovely daughters were also ready to burst. And then she felt Chuckie tense, and release. As his hot dish hit her throat, all three new women were overwhelmed by their feminine joys.

15 minutes later, Chuckie was on the cell texting his school lacrosse teammates. He promised them an all-nighter with his girlfriend, her slutty sister, and a “special guest hottie.” After hitting send, Chuckie peered down at this family of haughty, horny bitches.

Girls, pay close attention,” Annie instructed. “Here’s how you make your man do ANYTHING you want him to do.” She grabbed his revived dick and took charge!


Evie said...

Droooool. I think my brain just melted, holy crap that was hawt! Mmmmh, this would be the most awesome thing ever! Let me know when you get that severance packet Mom and I'll be right out there being the naughty cocksucker you want me to be. Hehe.

Oooh, so dirty, I looove it!

Annabelle Raven said...

Hehe, after seeing you nasty little girls step up your cap raunchiness in what you and Kyra did for each other - I knew wanted to take it to the next leve. I needed to show you what kind of dirty bitch your mom has become. ;)

Chaosbeast said...

Oh my god Mom! I can't believe you're already so good at sucking cock! Mmm... it makes me so hot watching you, can you teach me how you do it? Pretty please?

Annabelle Raven said...

Kyra, baby, I know you are already a natural at putting your lips around a fat cock. Look, as your blessed Momma, I may have to get on your ass for cleaning up your room, or keeping your grades up, but I never have to worry about how great of a cocksucker you will be. Your sister and I are always around to cheer you on (and help) ;)
Love you baby girl...

Chaosbeast said...

Any talent I have, I inherited from you ;) I'm sure I could get Evie to clean my room if I can get my head between her sexy thighs. Bah, who am I kidding? Id gladly do all Evie's chores for just a few hours in bed with her. As for my grades, well that's what patent teacher conferences are for right?

Annabelle Raven said...

Hey, that's a pretty good idea for a cap. Actually that makes me think of a Gingerfred Man story where a sissy father visits the teacher already had a go-round with the sissy son!