Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Buddy System (Carrie and Molly adapt and thrive)

The Buddy System

After coming to the realization that the witches’ curse was irrevocable, Charles Garrett, 44, and his son Michael, 22, were left with no choice but to live their lives as women.  And much to their surprise, they found that they enjoyed spending time as mother and daughter, bonding over their gender condition.  They shared the same dress size, shoe size, and bra size not to mention their now long wavy auburn hair.
Now calling themselves Carrie and Molly, the twosome were now feeing some very womanly feelings and found themselves attracted to men.  But they were nervous about being with a man, so they made a special arrangement with their neighbor, Buddy Mancini, who worked at Chippendales.  They shared with him their amazing story.  After he agreed, they went to a hidden beach on the lake and everyone stripped.  

“Buddy,” Molly cooed,  “I’m going to start by sucking your lovely cock, and Mom’s going to make out with you.  When I get you hard enough, I want you to lay her on the beach and make love to her until she screams.”

 “Then we’ll switch, Buddy,” Carrie grinned,” and I’ll give you head until you’re ready to fuck my little girl.  How does that sound, Buddy?” 

The redheads winked at each other – for their “Buddy System” would help them accept their new desires as they women they have become.


Annabelle Raven said...

Well, Google forced the new view of the dashboard and the way you post on here. Not thrilled now but I may get used to it. I think I am going to start using the format of putting the text of the cap under the picture. I like having the text there so SEO helps bring new friends here :)

Anonymous said...

I love te buddy system! It would certainly have made field trips more interesting. ;)

Sorry to hear the new Google dash is messing with your posts.

Annabelle Raven said...

I found a way to go back to the original interface. The new interface works better on my iPad while the legacy on is easier with my PC.