Tuesday, March 6, 2012

MOTB: Blossoming "Flowers" (Amanda's Wedding Day)

MOTB Tales: Blossoming “Flowers”
“Simone, don’t cry,” Sean Harmon, 4, said to his two brother Shane. “The bad men don’t know that you and I, and Daddy and Grandad all became girls, so they can’t find us and hurt us. It’s OK…”

“I’m not crying because I’m scared, Sally,” his twin said. “I’m crying because Mommy and Gramma and you I look so pretty. We get to be flower girls in her wedding, and we’ll live happily ever after. And I will be your sister forever!”

To comfort Sally, Simone put her arm around her twin – and two lovely ladies who saw the whole exchange couldn’t give help but get choked up.

“That’s a great sign, Amanda, that they are finally accepting their new identities, said the former grandfather Nicholas Harmon, now the girls’ new grandmother Nicole, 55.

Her daughter, the bride and flower girls’ mother, had been FBI operative Alvin; a rogue agent had sold him out which threatened the safety of his dad and sons. A radical identity shift meant that Amanda had to pose as a single mother, 32, who was engaged to a physician; to keep the family together, all four Harmon males would need new female identities.

“We went through so much drama over the past year,” Amanda said. “I’m so relieved that you, the girls, and I can move on with our lives. It took for us to accept this new reality. Now I am I looking forward to being a mom, a daughter – and a wife. I’m actually looking forward to my honeymoon (giggle), and I think Dr. Barnes is smitten by you, Mom.”

Nicole sighed, “My darling, if I ever get to be a bride, I know two very beautiful flower girls…”

This is my last post for two weeks (at least) - going away for a few weeks of R&R. Thank you for all the love you have shown me. :)

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Have a nice vacation! I wish I had the chance to be a pretty little flower girl growing up