Friday, March 23, 2012

Lasting Impressions (Michelle & Emily - and we're BACK loves!)

Lasting Impressions
After posing for pictures at the big party, Dan Wilson and his wife Michelle turned to each other as their kids went to get some punch.

“You two were incredible, Marc.” Dan whispered to his college roommate who was posing as his wife to help Dan impress his boss. “Gordon knows Jimmy very well from all the ball game s he’s seen with me, but I was always making excuses about not bringing the wife and daughter.” The typical excuse was that “Emily” had soccer practice or wasn’t feeling well.

“You and Eric are life savers…”

Michelle wrapped her arms around Dan’s neck, allowing him to feel her new curves; she now felt his arousal. “There is no Dan or Eric – not here, and not now – maybe never again,” she cooed as he locked eyes with the sultry brunette. “The only people I came with to the party are my baby girl, my handsome little man, and my sexy as hell husband.”

As they kissed, Dan’s eye caught his “daughter” chatting with Gordon’s son, twirling her hair like any flirty, pretty teen girl. “We love being girls, honey; it’s a family trait.” Michelle whispered. “I’m teaching her how to take care of herself as a young lady, like any mother does for her daughter. You never know – maybe she ends up as Gordon’s daughter-in-law. That can only help your career, darling.”

Dan thought about that and smiled at his bride. Then he thought about paying for his daughter’s wedding and two special surgeries…

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