Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just What Our Family Needed (6 panels, 3 generations, 1 love)

Just What Our Family Needed

Wanda enjoyed the sensation of slowly stroking Nicole’s hair. This vacation came at the right time – when they could relax and begin to truly adapt to their new lives.

William Jacobs was a down on luck car salesman who had been bickering with his ne’er do well son Neil. Neil had just lost custody of his son to his ex, thanks to his partying habits. Will was just in the middle of dressing down Neil – again – for being irresponsible and missing the latest rent payment, when both men became dizzy and fainted.

They awoke a day later to find that reality had shifted. They were no longer Father and Son – but Mother and Daughter. They were now known as Wanda and Nicole Jacobs.

The duo were still the same age – 56 and 34 respectively, and they knew that they were born male – but no one else had a clue to their birth status.

That was not the only shock; both ladies were in relationships – with men.

Wanda’s beau was Stan Harris, who had been Will’s best friend in high school. Now Stan only knew Wanda as the girl he had waited his whole life to make a move on. Wanda felt a new feeling – a hot flush feeling whenever she was in Stan’s presence. She subconsciously acted very femininely with him – letting him appreciate her blonde beauty and curves.

“How long has it been, sexy lady?” Stan whispered to Wanda, and suddenly she had a new flashback.

As teens, Wanda (in this reality) lost her virginity to Stan, and he was Nicole’s father!

They had a shotgun wedding, but they had divorced, and each went through several bad relationships. And now – 35 years later, they were together again. This vacation was his idea, and after this, he swore he would never leave her.

As they lay in each others arms, her lust for her man satisfied, Wanda now “remembered” how her first time was – and how much better Stan was at serving her needs. HER needs – and now that she was a woman, Wanda loved how expertly Stan brought her to orgasm, and she loved the feel of him inside her. She also remembered the joy of carrying Nicole in her belly, and how she was so happy that Stan was back in their lives. After all, he was Nicole’s daddy, and her beloved.

In the past reality, Neil did not have a relationship with his “true” mom, but she felt the bond rebuilt between Wanda and Stan, and she was so happy. She now only saw Wanda as her mother – her best friend and conscience, and greatest role model.

Nicole also had a new presence in her life that matched her new desires. Kenny Beckwith was new in town, and had been a rival of Neil in pursuit of a good time – but now Nicole was the object of his desires. She “recalled” that – with Wanda’s approval and encouragement – she had accepted his request for a date, but she insisted on making sure that the golf pro treated her like a lady. He had done that and more.

“I’ve never felt the way for a guy like I feel for you, Kenny,” cooed Nicole as they kissed. Well that is true. Neil was 100% hetero – but so was Nicole.

She half expected Kenny to be as arrogant and selfish as Neil had been with women – but far from it, Kenny worked hard to arouse and excite the transformed man, and when she climaxed, her callous attitudes died with her epiphany. Nicole felt no shame in responding to her Adonis’s touches, kisses, and his own rigid response.

“So you think he’s the one, eh?” Wanda grinned. “Now, how do you think Brittney will react?”

She was a woman taking care of her man the way he took care of her. In the afterglow, she knew she would have the joy of sharing her feelings with the only person who could relate to their circumstance – her mom Wanda.

Eight years ago, Neil had fathered a boy – Bradley – and in typically fashion, he was not a responsible father, and he only had limited custody and cursed the support he had to pay. In the new reality, Nicole was the single mother “screwed” by a bad boy, and she now had the memory of that dalliance – and she also had a daughter.

Brad’s quality of life improved so much after she became female as well. Instead of being a young boy without a great male role model, she was a pretty young girl who was loved greatly by her mom Nicole and grand-mom Wanda. Brad had cried himself to sleep often – his original mom had a drug addiction - and he had wished upon a star to be happy. He also secretly wanted to be a girl, and to grow up a woman.

And now, Brittney will have that dream fulfilled, and her family will support her.

And the three Jacobs girls are enjoying this vacation so much – they’ll never forget how wonderful this summer has turned out!

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A lovely story, and a wonderful wish! I love happy endings!