Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vote Bonnie '12! (costarring Trina and Zoe) HAPPY PRESIDENTS' DAY


This November, while the incumbent and the other candidates try to sell you on honesty, courage, and acceptance, think of how Senator Bonnie McKee and daughters overcame the shocking bioterrorist attack which altered their gender at the DNA level.   


"Brian McKee had two great passions in life: his sons Tommy and Zack, and his country.  The attack in 2011 did forever
affect our country, not to mention the other transformees – SEAL Unit 7, the other dignitaries, and the Godwin High School ROTC – but it challenged Trina, Zoe, and myself to stay together as a family unit and to not lose faith in the face of this incident.

"I am thrilled to say something that may upset some of you more conservative citizens: rather than run from my new gender, I embrace all of my new roles.  I am proud to be a mother of two lovely young ladies who are also now very happy to be sisters and my daughters.  I also accept that as a woman, I can still pursue my dream of being your next President."  

"If you believe like I do, that a widowed ex-Marine can undergo a chemical sex change, assume a woman’s role, still run for high office and make a difference in this country, and be a good mom – and maybe a loving wife someday – then we will achieve all our goals and dreams for a bright future."  

"God Bless America!"


Anonymous said...

She's got my vote!

Annabelle Raven said...

And if she was elected for two terms, she'd have a 22 year old and 15 year old daughter. The press would have a field day, especially if Bonnie had any kind of dating life. :)

Martha said...

That would make politcs alot of fun everywhere. :) Nice cap!

Unknown said...

I would LOVE to see some of the transformed ROTC, SEAL team or other
'dignitaries.' Would you consider
doing a cap along those lines?