Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super "Babe" Sunday (Rhea's family has their own fun)

Super “Babe” Sunday
While most families will be watching the “Big Game” Sunday, Robert Collins, 53, will be hanging out with his 7 year old triplet grandsons – Jimmy, Jerry, and Joey. At the mall. Then at the hair salon. Then, attending a performance of The Phantom of The Opera. Finally, dinner at Chez Renoir.

Why did these all-American boys choose to spend their day not in front of the TV, munching on snacks and rooting for their favorite players?

Because Robert lost a bet to his neighbor, Cathy Doyle, who also happened to be the boys’ third grade teacher. Robert was a huge 49ers fan who talked smack, and the kids emulated their grandpa. So when New York won, Pats fan Cathy set up the family for a trip to visit her friends who ran a cross-dressing transformation service.

Cathy knew that Robert had a stash of clothes in his house and enjoyed dressing as “Rhea” in private. But now pushed into Rhea to satisfy the bet, she enjoyed watching her pride and joys shaped into the super cute Jenny, Jodie, and Janey.

The four blondes really did enjoy the day out as girls and didn’t care that they missed the game. The highlight of the day out was the maître who winked at Rhea as he led them to their table.

“Grandma’s got a boyfriend,” the girls teased.

“Just you wait until you’re old enough to date, my darlings,” Rhea said with a huge grin on her face!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great alternative to watching a dumb football game! I bet those three cuties will be quite the heartbreakers when they're older

Annabelle Raven said...

Yea but don't count out Grandma Rhea; she's quite the silver fox eh?