Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photogenic Family (Emily & family)

Photogenic Family
The look on the faces of Jason Davis, 13, and his brother Calvin, 5. tell you the whole story. Their dad Eric, 34, decided to share his girl side with them now that they were old enough to understand. He also decided to give them a glimpse into the joy he found in dressing up as Emily. 

In matching red gowns, Jenna and Christy discovered their own girlish joy, feeling both closer than ever to “Mom.” They also loved the feeling of the silky gowns and petite slips. They also watched Emily being treated like a beautiful woman by her boyfriend, the photographer.

In that moment, the youthful sisters knew that when they were old enough, they would want to experience the same kind of romantic, feminine feeling as Mom did. And that motivated those kids to do every chore, get straight A’s, and even do the dishes every night!


Anonymous said...

Such a pretty family photograph! They all look ready for an oscar party!

Courtney said...

The last line literally makes this a very clean caption! Nice one for the whole family!

Annabelle Raven said...

Oh to be that young and that pretty! :)