Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Parent Teacher Conference (Chloe & Darla)

Douglas Bevel never went to college, and he slogged through his thankless pencil pushing job. “You’re going to get a college degree, no matter what,” he insisted to his only son Christopher.

But Chris was easily distracted in class, and his guidance counselor Allen Collins called Doug and Chris in for a meeting.

“I think Chris need something to help him focus. He comes to class looking unshaven and slovenly, and frankly, Mr. Bevel, it looks like he takes after you. Let me suggest the Raven Image First system. If you focus on the way you look – through diet, grooming, and select social activities – your grades can improve, Chris. And because your father will be going through this with you, you have a built in coach and role model.”

Both Bevels were meek and did not protest. A package arrived at the house days later with a manual, audio CDs, a CD-Rom for their computers, and “vitamins” they should take daily.

Within two weeks, neither Chris nor Doug had any facial hair, and their skin cleared up. The duo began visiting museums, shopping together, and of course, they spent hours helping Chris hit the books.

Six weeks later, Allen visited the family at home. A familiar face peered behind dark long hair and a red sweater within interesting bulges.

“So nice to see you, Allen,” cooed Doug. “But you didn’t tell us that Raven Image was a thinly disguised attempt to feminize us. We’re glad you didn’t because I’m really enjoying being turned into a hot Mom. By the way, call me Darla now. Oh, Chloe, Mr. Bevel is here!”

“Coming mom!” chirped Chris as he sashayed downstairs in his schoolgirl uniforms, her stunning legs showing underneath the tartan skirt.

Allen grinned, as he unbuckled his belt.


Anonymous said...

I love it! I'm sure the Raven system will become a huge success across the nation!

Annabelle Raven said...

Thanks K! :)