Thursday, February 9, 2012

MADAME JAE-BIKINI BONANZA: Best Vacation Picture Ever! (7 sexpots!)

Best Vacation Picture Ever!
Brothers Jerry & Curt Landry , both divorced, thought that the MJ Beach Resort would be the perfect place to practice their lady killing skills without having to deal with their rambunctious college age sons.

Of course, the magic of the Resort left quite an impression on Joyce and Colleen, as the 40 something sisters enjoyed their new found femininity and the attention from hunky men. So much so, that they decided to bring the boys.

The kids are also surprised at how much fun being sexy girls are – and it was their idea for the moms to pose topless with their new daughters!

That’s Joyce (44) on the left, flanking her girls Michelle (18 was Marc), and Annie (19, was Alex).

New sisters Debbie (20, Donald), and twins Lori (19, Lance) and Lisa (Liam) are lined to the right of their cousins, and to the left of Colleen (45).

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