Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Knowing Your Role (Tamara & Jennifer "girl" to "girl")

Knowing Your Role
Tony: That color just makes your lips so red and luscious – I love it!

Jason: I know – but you know, they’ll look even better wrapped around Sam’s fat throbbing cock !

Tony: (gasp) Such a dirty girl!

Jason: So says the hot bitch that gave birth to me. Like mother, like daughter, ya know – Mom?

Tony: (sigh) Jennifer, I… I’m not your mother, I’m your father…

Jennifer: Of course, you’re my mother! I can’t very well introduce you to Sam’s father as my lovely shemale father, Tamara, eh?

Tamara: Well no, I wouldn’t do that, but… maybe I should just be your aunt, and you can be my gorgeous niece. Look, it’s only been three years since Denise…

Jennifer: Look – please don’t make me cry, then I’ll have to redo my mascara. Look, you may not have actually pushed me out of your birth canal, because you don’t have one – but in every way, you are Jennifer’s mom. You were the one who taught me how to make up my face – how to taper my waist and tuck myself – how to cook, how to flirt. Hell, I watched you the first time you sucked a man’s cock. You “birthed” my female identity and you “raised” the girl inside me. You – mommy.

Tamara: And you helped me be the woman I always wanted to be. I never pushed you but I am proud to be your role model – and you are mine as well. And look at us. We are two peas in a pod. You’re right baby, I’m so proud of us – mother and daughter. And tonight, we’re going drive Sammy and his father crazy – together!

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