Sunday, February 5, 2012

Justifiable Homicide (Kathi and Emma "execute" to perfection)

“I swear, when this is over, I’m going to kill you,” said Ken Day through gritted teeth to his son Evan.

“Hey you and I have been reading TG captions online for years, and when I went to college, my roommate Tom encouraged me to dress as Emma, and now that I’m his girlfriend, I enjoy teasing and pleasing my man. You’re the one who asked if he had a cute dad. Talk to him, Kathi – I mean MOM!”

Four hours later, Kathi shook with pleasure as she took her man’s cock between her soft lips.

After the inevitable conclusion, Emma came up behind Kathi and whispered. “I’m gonna kill you mom! Why did you just give my Tom a blow job?”

“Just for practice, dear,” the older blonde said with a wicked giggle. “And for the record, baby, the only murder that you or I are to be guilty of is killing off our male lives. We’ll be mom and daughter forever. Now how about joining me in the master bedroom where I left Ron. Let’s go wake up your future stepdad with a stereo BJ!”

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