Sunday, February 12, 2012

Executive Privilege (Christina and Natalie "takeover")

Executive Privilege
Dave: Umm, hey, Nick, old buddy – um, hey there Mr. Landers – man, you two still look pretty as chicks. It’s amazing, right Dad?

Tom: Uh yea – Carl, you two really helped us out tonight, you know, posing as my wife and daughter. The boss will be sure to give me that promotion now. Wow, that strange woman with the crystal ball – she really cast a wild spell on the two of you. We almost forgot that …

Dave: Yea we almost forgot you two guys were ummm GUYS! Silly huh?

Natalie: Hmmm… the only two guys I see here are my studly “brother” and my handsome “daddykins.” Wouldn’t you agree, Mom?

Christina: I most certainly would, daughter dear. You see, gentlemen, we two “guys” had an epiphany tonight. We realized how many of your coworkers could barely contain their lust. They checked out our asses, and watched our breasts jiggle. We made them HARD. It felt great to control their sexual fantasies. And while you two were talking about the upcoming football game with the management team…

Natalie: We decided to give up our dull, boring male lives. Who needs college? I’m staying at home and I’m going to research how many ways I can make you cum, Davey boy!

Christina: Just like we did with George, huh honey? Yes that’s right Tom. We made George promise to make you VP provides he gets both of us every third weekend. He has this naughty mother/daughter fantasy. I can’t wait to be an executive’s rich bitch wife. Darling – let’s go upstairs and fuck – I think “our kids” want some private time too!


Anne Oni Mouse said...

Incredibly cute image of the girls and a neat little story to go with it.

Annabelle Raven said...

Thanks love :)