Saturday, February 18, 2012

Don't Be Nervous Guys (Emily & Denise)

Don’t Be Nervous, Guys…
By catching his teenage son Evan on the transgender website, his dad Dan was able to have a heart to heart talk about the way they BOTH felt.
“Maybe we could try dressing – together. We don’t need to go out and risk getting ridiculed or hurt, just dress in at home, and play pretend mother/daughter,” Dan suggested.
Soon they were ordering clothes, gaffs, attachments, wigs, etc from the website, and everything came by mail.

As the months went along, “Denise” and “Emily” had a sizable wardrobe, and spent many a weekend wearing makeup, and all sorts of dresses, lingerie, etc. Then the website announced a “Mother/Daughter” contest based on uploaded photos. The gurls were nervous but were feeling quite confident in their beauty. They added one trick: they ordered new pills designed to give their skin a soft glow (side effects include puffy breasts, rounder hips, and airy voices) and put on their best evening wear.

They won the online vote by a landslide, winning $2500 in clothes and “enhancements” Denise’s mailbox was full of email from men seeking to date her and Emily.

“Mom… Ricky’s even hotter in person,” sighed Emily, now 18, “and I caught Vince looking at your ass!” Were the blonde duo nervous now?

Yes, but as the date went on, they lost their inhibitions. As Emily was sucking on her college boy’s 9 inch dong, she hear Denise moan from her bedroom, “Make me a woman, oh God… I need that cock inside me NOW!”

Emily grinned – she would post this story on the website Friday.

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