Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dare To Be Blonde (yet another story extension)


A while back, Jimmy Weber became the sexy Jessica, and his dad Fred was transformed into her mom, the MILFtastic Felicity. They seduced their best friends, who were shocked at how girlish and stunning they were as blonde shemales. But they actually have a lot of experience en femme.

The Webers used to spend the summer at the vacation villa of Fred’s dad, Clyde. Clyde lived alone after his divorce, dressing as the lovely Corinne. Corinne first introduced her “Daughter” and “Granddaughter” to drag, and they were three very happy sissies. The younger girls reveled in Mama Corinne’s tales of her sexual conquests and were openly jealous of her amazing body and supermodel looks.

And now, every red blooded male across the country will get to know Jessica, Felicity, and Corinne up close and personal. They are celebrating being picked for a new twist on a popular TGT Network reality show…

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