Friday, February 10, 2012

Artist Salute: My Rediscovery of Shannon_2525

A special Friday night posting from me :)
Now, if you haven't come to Rachel's Haven - why the bleep not?
It's a wonderful, warm, funny, and sexy place where captions run the gamut from sweet to OMG.
But it's also allowed me to revisit a captioneer I have enjoyed for years.
Shannon_2525 was on Yahoo forever, and I found her entire catalog on the Haven. And I knew she had done a few brothers/sisters and dad-son/mom-daughter cappies, but I found about 20 caps that were "new to me". Here are some of the ones I missed
BTW, I did a Shannon "patische" cap on the Haven. Seriously, get on there - now. Mom sez so (wink)

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