Tuesday, February 7, 2012

301st Post! Two Shrewd Negotiators (Melanie & Alyssa)

Two Shrewd Negotiators
Mark Starks was the best negotiator ever. He was a highly successful lawyer who could win million dollar cases in court, and charm the panties off any woman he wanted. His son Andrew was finishing high school, and was just as slick as Papa. But Andy’s rival on the sports field and amongst the high school honeys was Max Pappas – son of Lou Pappas, who Mark’s client had sued to close Lou’s gentleman’s club. Lou decided he was going to show those “Nancy boys” a lesson – and Lou called his mob connection.


A month later, Mark and Andy were kidnapped on a fishing trip and after a while, police declared father and son dead. And they were – but Melanie and Alyssa Stevens were very much alive. They were blonde, curvy and dressed like the sluts they were. They loved shopping together – like any mom and daughter – and they loved how hot they looked. They loved to dance, especially on the laps of horny businessmen. And they two horny boyfriends – Lou and Max.

“You know, honey, our guys think they’ve humiliated us. But we know that we have them by the balls – literally. After we marry them, we’ll divorce them, and leave them poor and destitute, and we’ll go find some more rich men to fuck! “

“Thanks Mom for teaching me the fine art of negotiation…”

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