Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Quiet March on AFT

Hey everyone :) Between now and March 22-ish, there won't be a lot of activity from me on this blog, or on Rahcel's Haven. Real life work schedule is a rising, and that's because I have some personal vacation scheduled, and I will be traveling to see some family. I will be completely offline for a good 1-2 weeks. But don't fret this blog, or my new Tumblr, aren't going anywhere. Stay tuned.

Knowing Your Role (Tamara & Jennifer "girl" to "girl")

Knowing Your Role
Tony: That color just makes your lips so red and luscious – I love it!

Jason: I know – but you know, they’ll look even better wrapped around Sam’s fat throbbing cock !

Tony: (gasp) Such a dirty girl!

Jason: So says the hot bitch that gave birth to me. Like mother, like daughter, ya know – Mom?

Tony: (sigh) Jennifer, I… I’m not your mother, I’m your father…

Jennifer: Of course, you’re my mother! I can’t very well introduce you to Sam’s father as my lovely shemale father, Tamara, eh?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photogenic Family (Emily & family)

Photogenic Family
The look on the faces of Jason Davis, 13, and his brother Calvin, 5. tell you the whole story. Their dad Eric, 34, decided to share his girl side with them now that they were old enough to understand. He also decided to give them a glimpse into the joy he found in dressing up as Emily. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Annual "Fishing" Trip (starring a familar trio)

The Annual “Fishing” Trip

When I picked up Pablo at the train station, his head was stilled buried in that Sociology book. Always studying – I know, what a good kid, but damm it, it’s time for some family fun!

Unlike baby brother, Adam was more than ready for our annual adventure. “How much longer til we get there, Dad?” he mumbled from the backseat.

“Hang in there, buddy,” I replied, as he stared at his iPad intently. He was creating something –kid’s a natural artist!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Let's get ready to TUMBLR! (links enclosed)

Hello friends and family. In the afternath of Google's random blog destruction, I am following a path that others in our community are trailblazing in. I have set up begun to copy this blog onto and I am looking forward to using of the unqiue features of Tumblr and Disqus. I am also setting up a Tumblr blog for "stuff that excites or inspires me" in my "Personal Laundry Room" at This is all a work in progress; please don't trip on the shoes and stockings I have left on the floor. And for God's sakes, please stop by and say "Hi Annie!" :)

Vote Bonnie '12! (costarring Trina and Zoe) HAPPY PRESIDENTS' DAY


This November, while the incumbent and the other candidates try to sell you on honesty, courage, and acceptance, think of how Senator Bonnie McKee and daughters overcame the shocking bioterrorist attack which altered their gender at the DNA level.   

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Don't Be Nervous Guys (Emily & Denise)

Don’t Be Nervous, Guys…
By catching his teenage son Evan on the transgender website, his dad Dan was able to have a heart to heart talk about the way they BOTH felt.
“Maybe we could try dressing – together. We don’t need to go out and risk getting ridiculed or hurt, just dress in at home, and play pretend mother/daughter,” Dan suggested.
Soon they were ordering clothes, gaffs, attachments, wigs, etc from the website, and everything came by mail.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dare To Be Blonde (yet another story extension)


A while back, Jimmy Weber became the sexy Jessica, and his dad Fred was transformed into her mom, the MILFtastic Felicity. They seduced their best friends, who were shocked at how girlish and stunning they were as blonde shemales. But they actually have a lot of experience en femme.

The Webers used to spend the summer at the vacation villa of Fred’s dad, Clyde. Clyde lived alone after his divorce, dressing as the lovely Corinne. Corinne first introduced her “Daughter” and “Granddaughter” to drag, and they were three very happy sissies. The younger girls reveled in Mama Corinne’s tales of her sexual conquests and were openly jealous of her amazing body and supermodel looks.

And now, every red blooded male across the country will get to know Jessica, Felicity, and Corinne up close and personal. They are celebrating being picked for a new twist on a popular TGT Network reality show…

Revisit the younger Weber babes stories below...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Parent Teacher Conference (Chloe & Darla)

Douglas Bevel never went to college, and he slogged through his thankless pencil pushing job. “You’re going to get a college degree, no matter what,” he insisted to his only son Christopher.

But Chris was easily distracted in class, and his guidance counselor Allen Collins called Doug and Chris in for a meeting.

“I think Chris need something to help him focus. He comes to class looking unshaven and slovenly, and frankly, Mr. Bevel, it looks like he takes after you. Let me suggest the Raven Image First system. If you focus on the way you look – through diet, grooming, and select social activities – your grades can improve, Chris. And because your father will be going through this with you, you have a built in coach and role model.”

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Executive Privilege (Christina and Natalie "takeover")

Executive Privilege
Dave: Umm, hey, Nick, old buddy – um, hey there Mr. Landers – man, you two still look pretty as chicks. It’s amazing, right Dad?

Tom: Uh yea – Carl, you two really helped us out tonight, you know, posing as my wife and daughter. The boss will be sure to give me that promotion now. Wow, that strange woman with the crystal ball – she really cast a wild spell on the two of you. We almost forgot that …

Dave: Yea we almost forgot you two guys were ummm GUYS! Silly huh?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cute Enough to KISS (and party every day!)

Alex McShane was 46 and still knew how to rock n’ roll. So did his brothers Jay, 38 and Colin, 30. And growing up with the three brothers was Alex’s son, Trey, 25. Jay was very talented with the lead guitar, and Colin laid down the beats with his drums. Alex always segued the brothers with his bass fretwork and he was the longtime frontman of the “Mack Attack” band – until Trey came of age and he wowed everyone with his soaring vocals and natural stage presence.

But the gigs for a band reared on Foghat and Foreigner seemed to be less and less. At Jay’s suggestion, they decided to be a professional cover band. Jay’s hero on lead guitar was always Ace Frehley, and Trey always reminded his dad of a young Paul Stanley. All four McShanes knew the entire catalogue of songs by the self proclaimed “Hottest Band on Earth.”

Friday, February 10, 2012

Artist Salute: My Rediscovery of Shannon_2525

A special Friday night posting from me :)
Now, if you haven't come to Rachel's Haven - why the bleep not?
It's a wonderful, warm, funny, and sexy place where captions run the gamut from sweet to OMG.
But it's also allowed me to revisit a captioneer I have enjoyed for years.
Shannon_2525 was on Yahoo forever, and I found her entire catalog on the Haven. And I knew she had done a few brothers/sisters and dad-son/mom-daughter cappies, but I found about 20 caps that were "new to me". Here are some of the ones I missed
BTW, I did a Shannon "patische" cap on the Haven. Seriously, get on there - now. Mom sez so (wink)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

MADAME JAE-BIKINI BONANZA: Best Vacation Picture Ever! (7 sexpots!)

Best Vacation Picture Ever!
Brothers Jerry & Curt Landry , both divorced, thought that the MJ Beach Resort would be the perfect place to practice their lady killing skills without having to deal with their rambunctious college age sons.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

301st Post! Two Shrewd Negotiators (Melanie & Alyssa)

Two Shrewd Negotiators
Mark Starks was the best negotiator ever. He was a highly successful lawyer who could win million dollar cases in court, and charm the panties off any woman he wanted. His son Andrew was finishing high school, and was just as slick as Papa. But Andy’s rival on the sports field and amongst the high school honeys was Max Pappas – son of Lou Pappas, who Mark’s client had sued to close Lou’s gentleman’s club. Lou decided he was going to show those “Nancy boys” a lesson – and Lou called his mob connection.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super "Babe" Sunday (Rhea's family has their own fun)

Super “Babe” Sunday
While most families will be watching the “Big Game” Sunday, Robert Collins, 53, will be hanging out with his 7 year old triplet grandsons – Jimmy, Jerry, and Joey. At the mall. Then at the hair salon. Then, attending a performance of The Phantom of The Opera. Finally, dinner at Chez Renoir.

Why did these all-American boys choose to spend their day not in front of the TV, munching on snacks and rooting for their favorite players?

Because Robert lost a bet to his neighbor, Cathy Doyle, who also happened to be the boys’ third grade teacher. Robert was a huge 49ers fan who talked smack, and the kids emulated their grandpa. So when New York won, Pats fan Cathy set up the family for a trip to visit her friends who ran a cross-dressing transformation service.

Cathy knew that Robert had a stash of clothes in his house and enjoyed dressing as “Rhea” in private. But now pushed into Rhea to satisfy the bet, she enjoyed watching her pride and joys shaped into the super cute Jenny, Jodie, and Janey.

The four blondes really did enjoy the day out as girls and didn’t care that they missed the game. The highlight of the day out was the maître who winked at Rhea as he led them to their table.

“Grandma’s got a boyfriend,” the girls teased.

“Just you wait until you’re old enough to date, my darlings,” Rhea said with a huge grin on her face!

Justifiable Homicide (Kathi and Emma "execute" to perfection)

“I swear, when this is over, I’m going to kill you,” said Ken Day through gritted teeth to his son Evan.

“Hey you and I have been reading TG captions online for years, and when I went to college, my roommate Tom encouraged me to dress as Emma, and now that I’m his girlfriend, I enjoy teasing and pleasing my man. You’re the one who asked if he had a cute dad. Talk to him, Kathi – I mean MOM!”

Four hours later, Kathi shook with pleasure as she took her man’s cock between her soft lips.

After the inevitable conclusion, Emma came up behind Kathi and whispered. “I’m gonna kill you mom! Why did you just give my Tom a blow job?”

“Just for practice, dear,” the older blonde said with a wicked giggle. “And for the record, baby, the only murder that you or I are to be guilty of is killing off our male lives. We’ll be mom and daughter forever. Now how about joining me in the master bedroom where I left Ron. Let’s go wake up your future stepdad with a stereo BJ!”

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Everybody needs an OUTLET: Penny's Purses (new concept)

Everyone Needs An Outlet Like This!

Havens Court Outlet, off Route 20 in Raven County, is now the regions #1 destination for T-girl themed boutiques, craft shops, and retailers dedicated to your passions!

“We have three generations of he-she’s in our family. My dad becomes my mom, and my son becomes my cute daughter. We love all the stores at Havens Court, but our mutual favorite is Penny’s Purses. They have all our favorite styles and colors!”

Janet (John), 59, Claire (Cole), 15, and Kara (Kyle), 37 show off what they bought at Penny’s Purses.