Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Under Hawk's Care (Bree & Robyn are ridin' bitches)

Under Hawk’s Care
Bruce Fogel knew that his son Randy had just made both their lives a living hell. Bad enough the kid drove away after knocking over the motorcycle – it was the favorite Harley of John “Hawk” Hall, the VP of the Mighty Demons bike gang. Bruce had been assistant DA when the state tried to prosecute the MDs on trafficking. Then Bruce was fired after being caught at the local bookstore dressed in drag.

Hawk brought some of his boys to the Fogel house and laid it out for Bruce and Randy.

“Running is for sissies,” Hawk spat at the frightening boy.

“Guess it comes natural – from
yer momma here,” he gestured at Bruce.

“Now we can do this the easy way, or not – ladies.”

A year later, Bree and Robyn looked at their modified bodies in the mirror. Hawk loved his ladies inked up, and they both came to enjoy the prick of the needle. But the younger shemale was nervy about being with Bruno, Hawk’s protégé and future leader

of the MD club.

“I know you’re scared, babe,” her now mother whispered, “I was too the first time. But your Daddy really takes care of my needs now, and all of the boys in the club look after us. I never expected to say this, but I love being a 1%’er’s wife and you will too.”

Robyn rested her head on Bree’s shoulders; how far this T-girl mother/daughter had come from that fateful night!

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