Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Passing The Test (Virginia and her girls going undercover)

Passing The Test

“Very nice, girls,” exclaimed Deborah McKay to her husband Vance (center, age 39) and her sons Bart (left, 16) and Jesse (right, 17). “Your gaffs cover your male equipment perfectly, and you all have your garters on the right way. No one would suspect that you are not a beautiful single mother and her two darling teenage daughters."

"Bettie and Joyce, go inside and finish getting ready while I talk to your ‘mother’ in private.”

“Virginia,” Deborah spoke softly. “Only you and I know that I must return to my duty as a spy, and that I might not return home, and that by changing your identities now, you and our children will survive any retaliation for my actions. It will be up to you to set a strong female example for your daughters. Your new boyfriend will eventually be your husband, and the girls will soon follow your lead once they are mature enough to handle being desirable females.”

Deb and Ginny sobbed as they embraced, for soon they would be apart, but the family would now be focused on passing the test of society, as Ginny and her daughters embraced their new sexual and public identities.


Steffimariechen said...

Steffimariechen's Forced Femme Caption Blog
Annabelle, this is a quantum leap in the QUALITY of your captions :)

Very nice layout/presentation, and cute story...

FYI, I have the same exact pic in my "waiting for cap" folder... I was trying to decide which ONE was TG... never thought of going with all three :)

beckys620 said...

Yes, really love this one Annabelle, all 3 look incredible,can't imagine anyone thinking these 3 were anything but the hotties they've become.

Annabelle Raven said...

Thanks gals - hey Steffi I left you a question on your blog - please tell me WHY you think I took a quantum leap forward...

Steffimariechen said...


Your stories are always fun and engaging, but this is a HUGE improvement in presentation/layout.

I went back and checked your past several works, just to be sure, before my initial post... Normally, fairly plain text, in fairly intrusive, brightly-colored text fields, with sometimes "naked" plain text nametags.

THIS layout, with the much more attractived transluscent, framed text boxes, is MUCH more professional-looking and pleasing to the eye.... It's a few simple, relatively easy "touches", but it makes a world of difference.

The text is FAR less intrusive and doesn't overwhelm the pic, instead, seems PART of the pic, more than an addition to it... It's kinda what we strive for :)

Looking at the stuf you posted last week, it barely looks like the same person created them, except for subject matter...


Annabelle Raven said...


I appreciate your praise of my work. I guess your praise of my expansion from the "white box" is understandable as you do use a lot of dark colors and almost always have your text offset behind a dark background.

You know, this may inspire me - to add a new page to the blog - the evolution of my work and this blog. Probably not today; I need some time to compose.

FYI - I have some more caps laid out in "pre-production" and not to disappoint you, there probably will be some caps that still have "dull" black and white text. But I hope you'll still be entertained. :)

Anonymous said...

Annabelle: This sounds like a wonderful plot for a movie. I wish I could be in it as one of the "daughters". Great cap.

Alectra Play said...

You know what Annie? ^-^

I got this pic, saved in my hard drive and I was wondering if I should be using that one or the other I used for the cap I made :)

Guess, I'll have to go and cover my own version too *giggle*

Hugs and Kisses Alectra