Thursday, January 5, 2012

MOTB: All for My Michele (costarring Cheryl)

MOTB Tales: All For My Michele

After Bonnie died suddenly, the only I cared about from that moment forward was the happiness of my child. Born Mark Grady, at age 11, he told me, his dad Charlie, that he knew that he was really a she – a little girl that wanted to be called Michele.

And I moved heaven and earth for Michele to be like any other pretty little girl.

In between two jobs, I styled her hair, bought her pretty dresses and shoes, and took her to ballet class, junior high dances, and a million trips to the mall to hang out with her best girlfriends.

As she grew older, her doctors prescribed more hormones and she went in for all her surgeries by the summer before college. Michele met her Prince Charming, and luckily, he understood her story and didn’t care about her DNA, and neither Jason’s parents.

His mom was top stylist and she made up my baby so beautifully.

“A bride this beautiful needs her mom by her side,” Karen said to me, which caused me to break down in front of her. After all I had done for Michele, I was her de facto mother more so than her dad.

“I’ll do whatever I can to help you – Cheryl,” Karen pledged to me as we hugged. “I can help you pick the perfect MOTB dress and give you flowing red hair. Also, my cousin Jay can escort you. He’s cute.”

On her wedding night, both my daughter and I kissed our princes…


Courtney said...

Very cute caption!

Anonymous said...

Love the storyline and image. You have a very unique and stylish blog that I dearly value. Thanks

Steffimariechen said...

Lovely bride(s), sweet story :)

Thank you!

beckys620 said...

I like this one, pretty bride, she fills out her dress wonderfully.