Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Extras (because it's been a fab weekend)

Hello my loves.

I already shared with you Courtney's wonderful bridal cap with myself, Evie, and Alectra. That was on Saturday - on Sunday I work up to two lovely tributes from Evie.

First, if you are not visiting Evie's blog on any regular basis - then I have no choice but to ground you and send you to your room. Not MY room - you're not going to play with my lingerie until you've behaved #awwwmom

Second: Evie, darling girl, I have something really special I'm going to do for you, but it won't be seen for a while. Be patient, honey ;)

I'm also going to post something soon to thank you all for your love and attention to me. Because I do appreciate you all. MWAAA

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