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THE HONEY COMBS: Scenes 7-9 (Jeanie, Ari & Elly taken to the next level)

The Honey Combs

Father, Son, and Grandfather are starring on a very special reality show.

Will they ever be the same?

Scenes 4-6 showed how deep into character our "heroines" have gotten.
Arianna has been asked out by an admirer.
Ellen is having strange dreams and is processing new feelings.
and Jeanette sees her womanly shape and her girls in a new light.
Their bodies are changing - and what of their minds...
their spirits... their desires...
And now...


I agreed that for our second date, Paul and I shouldn’t go out with my daughter and Marshall again. They were just a little too interested in each other to have any decent conversation with us. Besides, I had every reason to keep his uncle’s attention on me.

The morning before, I stayed in bed a little longer and had my first BOB induced orgasm. I shook with trepidation until my mind flashed back to the first time Jonny and Doris consummated their love. We were awkward kids but to this farm day, Doris was a goddess, and was happy to worship her. I then put myself in her “heels” and pushed BOB into the only place he could make me feel good. After an hour plus, I only shook in joy – Doris, my angel, was this why you worked hard to please me? What amazing feelings I was having!

Paul and I danced the light fantastic. As a child of 60s, we both loved Motown and the sounds of the Bossa Nova. I shook what I had, and pressed my rounded rear into his groin. Oh BOB, you are wonderful, but my real boyfriend has his own tricks.

But how could I hide the trick in my panties? If he “read” me, he could hurt me – and my girls. I was very nervous.

His kisses were addictive and his hands nearly made me explode. Then suddenly, his right hands possessed my genitalia. I looked at him in utter terror mixed with an intense arousal. I barely kept from exploding right there!

“Oh my little Jeanie, I know you are a special lady,” he said with a thick voice that matched his large hands and warm mouth. “Tell me am I doing this right,” he whispered, as he began to stroke my organ.

I could only answer with the moan of a woman in heat. He continued to master my world, and then he slid a finger into the space where BOB had done his magic – utter bliss! My lover was fingering me!

He carried me upstairs to my room (each of us had a private suite in the mansion the show provided us) and finally accepted his manhood in the only place where my man could fill me. Our moans and yelps may well have woken the whole house as we completed our intercourse.

Oh, my Paul, your little Jeanie loves it when her big strong man is inside her, OH! So damn wonderful!

I woke expecting to find my lover by my side when I woke, but I was alone and tattered in my bed. Where did my Romeo go?

And my God, what would Elly and Ari think of their beloved GG – their dear old Pops?

In the bathroom, I fixed my makeup, especially my lipstick. I had new desire, and I wanted to share it with Garrett. After finishing dinner and the club, he brought me back to the mansion. I checked to make sure the coast was clear, and I wantonly put my hand on his belt buckle.

“Baby, I’m thirsty. And I’m all out of spring water, so you’ll have to do.”

He willingly sat on the couch as I freed his thick cock. Soft kisses – followed by enticing licks – and finally, the deep throat. Ashton Combs would never dream that it tasted and felt wonderful, but Arianna Combs doesn’t have that problem, does she? No SHE doesn’t. Oh he’s SO yummy!

I was definitely digging the whole dirty girl vibe – blowing my boyfriend, in the foyer – what if Mom or GG found me this way – but they were having their own adventures. As Garrett came, his spunk dribbled out of my painted mouth. That wasn’t the only sticky wetness I noticed. My own panties were now swimming in Ash’s dick juice. I froze, as I wasn’t ready to own up to my own deception. I feared the repercussions. How could I explain…

“Garrett sweetie – I may look like a hot bitch, but I’m actually a farm boy from the Midwest. Oh and yea, my father and grandfather are also posing as women. It’s all for entertainment purposes. We may dress and act like sluts, but it’s all for fun – tee hee! By the way, while you were enjoying my oral ministrations, I just made a boyish mess in my satin underwear. I hope you won’t be sore. Can I get you some cookies, we just made them?”

Imagine my shock that he gently shoved me to the carpet, removed my panties in one swoop, and proceeded to licking the cum off my body? I nearly screamed as he “ate me out.” Then he did the unthinkable, three months earlier, he prepped my little asshole for invasion.

“Arianna, I know you’ve been using your vibrator, in preparation for losing your virginity. I think you are ready now, my little girl, “he whispered.

Our eyes met, and he picked me up and carted me upstairs. My boyfriend was going to take my (new) virginity!

“Yes”, “More”, “Harder” were the only English words I could use over the next hours as Garrett used me as his private sex toys. Trust me, I screamed more than that. And what I heard from Mom was right – a women’s orgasm is longer, deeper, and more satisfying than a man’s. Damm right it was!

Oh honey, give it to me all night long! I was out of my mind!

But there was one feminine feeling that left me cold. Literally, I shivered and sighed after I woke. My Garrett was gone; I texted him to call me wherever he went, but no answer. My God, where did he go?

I felt like such a pathetic slut; what would my family say about my very bad behavior…… I started to bawl like a scared little girl.


“Marshall, baby,” I said with a voice that dripped sex, ”You know the truth about me. About my family, hell, it’s your show. I can’t believe you think I’m so beautiful,”

“That’s a big reason why I think you’re the PERFECT woman, Elly baby. You got something no other woman has. Well, except for Jeanie and Ari. Of the three honey Combs, I have the queen Bee.”

I melted at the compliment my man gave me. “And I’m going to invade your hive all night long. Buzz buzz. ”

And he did! I left him take me from behind, forcing his cock into my love spot. God, why I did not know how incredible it was to have a man inside you? I simply must share what I’ve learned with my family.

My little girl is on the verge of being a true woman, and my darling mother is only 60ish, and for the next – gosh, 40-50 years – we can talk about sex, men, sex, clothes, sex, baking… OH MARSHALL! I’M COMING DARLING!

After Marshall finished in me, and as the whirlwind of the orgasms started to wane in my body and in my head, I swore that I heard the screams and cried of another woman – or was it women?

“Elly, I think Uncle Paul and Garrett have found their own perfect women. God, there’s nothing sexier than fucking a shemale in the ass. Damm I wish I could them pound those whores – but roll over baby, here comes daddy!”

I felt he was a little crude, but fuck, I was horny and out of my mind. I arched my back as he penetrated me again. My tits were now quite large and flopped with every thrust. I was addicted to being a well fucked shemale.

We slept for a few hours, and I felt him get out of bed. I wanted to make him breakfast and even give him a blowjob in the shower. But he brushed me off. Supposedly he had meetings and had to jet.

“Will – will you call me?” I asked timidly. “I can make you breakfast. Some homemade coo…”

He laughed and said “Well you know I’ll see you on set. Maybe we can have a quickie or two in the trailer. But I have to be in Century City in a hour. Later babe.”

And like that he left. Damm, I remember being the guy who had to get out of Dodge sooner than the lady I had hooked up with wanted to.

I started to sob – I thought he said I was special. The most special! God, I felt hormonal. I wanted to puke. I felt like a freak.

Then I heard a cracking noise; it sounded like it was coming from the bed. I pulled the pillows and mattress back. It was some kind of electronics. A microphone? Yes – and a little speaker.

Now I was paranoid. Livid, I threw my 4” inch heel which was left on the carpet, at the large vanity mirror. It cracked, and I discovered a camera behind it.

The smashing noise made Mom and Ari came over to my suite in their robes; they both looked like they had cried to make their mascara run. We hugged and sobbed together; what happened to us?

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