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THE HONEY COMBS: Scenes 10-12 (Fighting back to take control of their lives...))

The Honey Combs

Father, Son, and Grandfather are starring on a very special reality show.

Will they ever be the same?

Were you shocked at how out of control these new ladies got? The executive producer of the reality show was having his way with the ex-chicken foods salesman Evie, while Marshall's uncle Paul was just as successful with Evie's dad-turned-mom Jeanie. Finally, Evi's grandchild, Ari, was seduced by the slick Garrett who had asked her out.

Then the story got dark. Flush from sex and feeling vulnerable, the Combs gals were feeling discarded and cheap. They felt like they had been used. In this arc, we'll confirm their fears, and watch as this family fights back - Combs style...

Scene 10: And The TRUTH Comes Out...

It was amazing what lengths Marshall and Prism had gone to in manipulating our family. The “spring water” was actually laced with an herbal extract that acted as an estrogen accelerator. It had the same effect on us that actually being given real estrogen would have. The curves, the breast growth, the feminine desires, the weepiness and emotional roller coaster – all there.

The electronics we found led to a locked room in the basement of the mansion. This “control center” showed all of us in our bedrooms, kitchen, and every room. Every innocent and decadent action with the Combs “girls” would be caught on HD video and Dolby audio. Every cry – every laugh – every moan. Watching each of us being intimate with our guys was disturbing in way.

But what was most disturbing was that the speakers in our beds were used to play suggestive advice during our slumber.

Examples: “Are you pretty enough” – “Flirt with him” – “Buy that dress” – “use BOB” - “Suck his cock” – “stick it in” – “Please your man” ; we were manipulated like puppets.

I was on hold, waiting to talk to the president of the network. Elly was cradling Ari, and vice versa. I wanted so badly to comfort them both, but I was the mother lion and I was defending my cubs.

“I – I don’t want to believe that, all of those wonderful feelings – weren’t real,” cried Ari. “I refuse to believe that we shouldn’t feel like women. There’s got to be more than this empty feeling, Mom.”

“I agree, honey,” Elly said as she softly kissed Ari’s forehead. “Because, there was one definite feminine feeling that those bastards did not give us – that’s the feeling of being mothers and daughters. All of those things we did together as girls – baking, shopping, dressing, girl-talk. Where did that come from? It came from us. We embraced it. We also embraced our romantic and sensual side… which is what Marshall corrupted. But he’ll never take away the good parts of being female.”

“I agree Evi – hello, yes this is Jeanette. Yes, Ms. Barker? Yes.”

I listened intently. “Ms. Barker, our family’s rights have been violated here. We were subject to the deviant whims of Mr. Crowe and his partners. We have enough information here that, should it come out in a courtroom or in the papers, would destroy your network’s reputation – yes, thank you. “

Another pause. “Ms. Barker – OK, Barbara, sure… well, yes, that would definitely be something to talk about. Oh so you are one too? Two little girls – under six, oh I bet they are precious. Yes. Please – go on.”

I smiled as my girls sat perplexed.

“OK, Barbara, we’ll see you tomorrow. Good night.” I hung up and said, “She’ll be out here tomorrow, she’s flying back from her home in Arizona. Production on the show is ceased immediately, and she’s calling TGT security to prevent those men from coming back here. She said we will have a lot of reparations coming to us. We need to talk amongst ourselves about what we want to do with our lives going forward.” And we talked all day and night…

Scenes 11-12: PAYBACK, our way...

“Ladies and gentlemen, TGT Network is proud to announce the debut of “The Honey Combs”, a reality show based on three gorgeous generations of women who are owning and operating their own boutique bakery here in Beverly Hills. Jeanie Combs is the matriarch of the family and is in charge of the bakery.”

“Yes, I’m carrying down the family recipes from my partner Doris Reynolds and my own mother, grandmother and great grandmother. We make our cookies, cakes, pies and treats the old fashioned way. And only my girls and I know how to make our treats so magically special.”

“Next to Jeanie is her granddaughter Arianna. Ari is a sophomore at UCLA studying business, and one day, she’ll be running the entire operations. In the meantime, she’s learning the ropes from the family.”

“Hi! I love working with my GG – I call her that because she’s no blue haired granny – and my gorgeous mom. One day, Grandma Honey Combs will the greatest baked goods brand in the whole world.”

“And to Ari’s right is her mom and Jeanie’s daughter, Elly. She’s the president of the company and is in charge of selling GHC through their retail store and their distribution channels nationwide.”

“Folks, as sweet and tasty as our cookies are, you’ll get quite the sweet tooth watching our show. I have an amazing family of women who enjoy working hard, playing hard, and enjoying the fruits of both.”

“I should point out that all three Combs women are beautiful, passionate, and very single. It should make for great TV”

We grinned and twirled for the cameras until the press conference ended. Believe it or not, we’re going through with this reality television stuff. But we’ve flipped the script so to speak.

Barbara Barker, the network head, wasn’t going to let TGT Network be scandalized by the deviancy of Marshall, Paul, and Garrett. She forced Marshall to sign over control of Prism Entertainment to TGT – who in turn, sold it to our family for one dollar! She also raised our compensation for the TV contracts to $2 million per family member. And now we’re in the TV business.

For now, the studio will run the shop, but I want to eventually learn the ropes and become a producer. The bakery will be in great hands once Ari assumes control, and her beloved GG will always be there as her mentor But I think I have what it takes to become the most powerful female producer in Hollywood. At least, the most powerful transwoman producer in Hollywood. Assuming no one realizes that Barb Barker was born Bill Barrie.

And what happened to our would-be boyfriends? Well, we decided to do like the other families in La-La land and hire some maids. Melinda cleans, Pamela does the laundry, and Gina does some cooking – but not the baking – that’s our job.

And yes, we are all single now – and all looking. We haven’t decided as to whether to have the full SRS surgery – but as I was told once upon a time – we are very special girls.

So guys, if you want to be with a Combs girl – you better treat her right. You can woo her, you can take her to bed, and yes - you can win her heart, but you need to be prepared to share her with her family. With her girls.

And her BOB…

All loose ties will be wrapped up in the final installment, coming Sunday. And Arianna has her last word on the family...

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