Sunday, January 29, 2012

THE HONEY COMBS: Epilogue (Ari wraps up some loose ends)

The Honey Combs

Father, Son, and Grandfather are starring on a very special reality show.

Will they ever be the same?
So That We're Being Fair...
So That We're Being Fair...

Hi It’s me, Ari. Look, Mom hogged that whole last closing segment, and GG had the critical scene where she called the studio, so I needed to come back one more time to fill in some plot holes.

First – GG referenced her beloved Doris by her maiden name, Reynolds. The way I see it – my grandparents were lesbians, and GG Jeanie reverted back to being a straight woman later in life. Hey it’s the 21st century, people, it can happen!

Speaking of history, GG referenced three generations of ladies who taught her to bake. This is obviously revisionist history if you read our story. She said her father and older male relatives were all salty old men who raised chickens. Obviously they should have put on dresses, bloomers, and pinafores and gone out and learned how to bake, and how to tease and please the well endowed gentlemen who courted them . Hey, it was mom’s idea – God she has such an imagination!

Finally, you may ask, whatever happened to the old chicken farm? Who cares! We’re here in LA, living as beautiful women, starting a new career as bakers, and as entertainment professionals. We uncovered that we are happier as women, as mothers and daughters, and that men are yummy. (Giggle)

Almost as yummy as our cookies and cakes. Hmmm – wonder if we can make a cake with a man inside? Whipped cream baby!

And here our story ends - for now... but click on a picture to go to the start of this tale! Or click HERE!

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