Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Girls Are Back! (starring Danni, Jayne & Tina)


DAVID: Hey Dad, Tommy’s still a in a funk over losing his job, and having to move back in…

TOMMY: And you’re still moaning over your breakup with Kathy! Dad, do you think we can…

JOHN: My sons – it’s been far too long for us to sit on the sidelines! I think it’s time we sprinkle a little magic pixie dust and make a change!

DAVID AND TOMMY: Yes!!!!! (high five)

Three hours later…

DANNI: Ahh, it feels good to have my female body back – that ol’ pixie dust hit the spot!

TINA: Oooh, is that your G-spot Sis? And now we have this lovely scratch to itch, right Mom?

JAYNE: Hmmm, and how will you scratch that itch, my darling daughters? I suggest finding a strong man with a soft hands and a hard cock. Pardon my French, girls… the last time we did this you were both sullen slackers and your thought your Dad was out to ruin your lives. Now I can watch with motherly pride, as my girls and I go out together, every man wanting us!

TINA: Oh Mom, I think we are now girls to stay!

DANNI: Fuck yea, sis! Let’s go to the club now!


Steffimariechen said...

Steffimariechen's Forced Femme Caption Blog
The boys will never know what hit 'em :)

Sweet Cappie!

Thank You ")

Anne Oni Mouse said...

Really nice, sweet and sexy

Alectra said...

Hehe magic pixie's dust will never tell you in which form you will end, but surely it will be a nice one!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

Anonymous said...

They certainly seem much happier as girls. But who could blame them? I hope that dust lasts for a long time!