Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finding Yourself (Jillian and Marla)

Finding Yourself

Mickey Farrell used to enjoy playing catch with his dad Joe, but several years ago, Joe divorced Mickey’s mom and left to go “find himself.”

Before heading to college, Mickey used the Internet to find his long lost dad. Turns out he was over in the next state. What did Joe find about himself? That she was herself, a dominatrix named Jillian.


Mickey asked him Joe “why” and she said, “You just find to find out for yourself, Marla!”

And with her new mother/Mistresses help, Marla learned that she was every bit the sexy, ginger whore that her parent was. She dropped out of school and now works side by side with Jillian “instructing” clients on the proper way to worship the mom & daughter!

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