Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cynthia & Those Cougars (with links back to the 1st 2 caps)

Cynthia & Those Cougars

Christopher Dean III told his family that he needed

to be a girl…

“What a great idea,” Dad and Granddad said… Then the real fun began!

(Chapter 3 in a continuing adventure)

40something futa Candice and her T-cougar “mother” Catherine crept in the kitchen door of the three story Colonial they shared with Candi’s daughter, Cynthia. It was Cyndi’s revelation of her own sissy status that inspired Cate and her daughter to follow in their daughter/granddaughter’s high heeled footsteps.

But tonight, the older Dean girls had a double date with a father/son attorney duo while Cyndi stayed home to study for her final exams. The mature and curvy redheads giggled through whispers trying not to make noise and bother their baby girl, but a statuesque teen dream met them in the hallway.

“Gosh, Mom-Mom, you are having trouble walking? How much cock did you have up your ass-pussy tonight? And hey, Mom – your breath smells like cum. And there’s a little dried spunk on your nose. I think you might love sucking cock even more than I do!” giggled Cyndi.

Candi, our little princess is a little jealous, I think,” Cate smirked.

“Well, Mom, I think she needs to concentrate on her big test – that way, if she passes, we can introduce her to Daniel James McDowell III; college BMOC and third generation tranny lover. If he’s anything like his dad or granddad,” added Candi.

Cyndi’s “clit” erected a tent in her silk gown and she grinned at her mom & grams.

“Let’s go upstairs so you can tell me all of the fun you both had tonight!”

(Catch a glimpse into this trio's prior adventures by clicking below - and stay tuned. There's more to come for these tri-generation ginger! )

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