Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2 Girlies (starring Julie and Kelsey)

2 Girlies

To my six year old mind, it was more than I could truly comprehend. I knew that my birth mommy was in heaven, and when my dad, Jon (27), asked if I’d like to have a new mommy, I was so happy – until I saw him get out of the stylist chair with long flowing golden locks.

I started to cry when he – she – gave me a big hug, and I felt his burgeoning breasts under his shirt.

“Kyle, I this seems real weird, but down deep, Daddy needs to be a girl. That’s why I’m going to be your Mommy now. And Mommy loves you!,” she said as we sobbed together.

“Mommy, I love your hair – it’s so soft and shiny.”

Miss Helen, who was
helping Mommy, said, “You know, Julie, I could show your baby what its like to have pretty hair like yours.”

Two hours later, I was in heaven as Mommy, now with pretty makeup and a sexy dress on, posed for this picture.

“Honey, it’s OK if you say no, but I think if Miss Helen and I gave you a pretty dress to wear, we could be the two prettiest girlie girls in the world.”

Of course I said yes, and I became little miss Kelsey– a happy, little, blonde girl, and daughter to the sweetest and prettiest mommy in the world!

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beckys620 said...

Ahhh...I think Kelsey is going to be one the prettiest girls in school.Especially with a mom like Julie to help her.