Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolution (Misty + Pamela: 2013 will be very good to them!)

“Let’s make a new years’ resolution, and tell the guys tonight that the women they adore are well – guys,” Mike Durham, 25, told his father, Paul, 49.   

“I don’t know, Misty, do you think they can handle the truth about us?”

“I think that both Will and Leonard can take the news the right way; I mean, they dote on us so much, Mom” the new Misty replied to the lovely Pamela.

“They are such sweet fellows.  Maybe they’re OK, but we’re the ones who need a push.  I say – let’s do it!”

Well that was last New Years.  That night, the “girls” were shocked to find out that not only did their beaus know about their past, they were into sexy sissies.  Both Misty and Pam spent the start of 2012 being exquisitely fucked! 
Now the clock has struck 12 and it’s 2013.  So what’s this years’ resolution?  Going from shy guys to sexy gals to glowing brides!  Luckily, Will and Leonard visited their local jeweler!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Second Thoughts (Rachel takes Rebecca from the closet to the beach)

Second Thoughts

I knew I should have protected the TG fiction on my hard drive with a password.  Then he would never have found my favorite story about a father and son who visit an exotic isle and a voodoo curse turns them into a pair of bikini wearing, stud muffin chasing mom/daughter hotties.  

Rob Kowalski always dreamed of being  a gorgeous woman named Rebecca – but she had no idea that Robert Jr. felt the same way.

"Mom!  Check out those dudes riding the wave runners!  I wanna see what they have under those Speedos!"

"Rachel, I don’t think you and I are ready to find out… hmmm… he does have a tight little tush, doesn’t he?" :)


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Daddy's Girls (and he's lucky to have Kellie + Lois

Daddy’s “Girls”
“Kellie, did you do your homework to… oh for God’s sakes, pumpkin… p-put some clothes on!”  I stuttered at the sight of my new step-daughter lying on her bed in her panties.  

 Lois gave me a look, and said, “Bob, it’s her room, and you just barged in on our little woman to woman chat.”  

 “Daddy!  I already finished my book report, now please, can Mommy and I have a little privacy?  Pleeeease…”  

 I bid a hasty retreat.

That night in bed, Lois and I snuggled and I apologized again for not knocking on Kellie’s door.   

“Honey, be honest,” Lois whispered, “You were standing at the door to her room,
and she was prone on her bed,  and in your mind’s eye, you  immediately thought about the penis hidden in her pretty panties.  It’s OK, babe.  We were having an
open discussion about why when her dad Lex became her mom, that she kept her genitalia.  Keith was too young to make that choice, but when she is old enough – which will be soon enough – she can decide on surgery or not.  I told her that Daddy and I both love that I am a special T-girl with our special anatomy.  Now, darling, I’m ready for you – take me NOW.”   

As we made love, my mind wandered back to Kellie’s future as a man’s woman and how “female” would she be?


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Project: XLR (Margaret + Dina are hotties after drinking the "Kool-Aid")


Matthew Jones and his son David both really understood the gravity of their situation.  The mob would hesitate to take them out for witnessing the hit they placed on their neighbor, the indebted accountant.   

But how can two All-American guys even being to accept life as mother and daughter?   Sure, the surgery and the new clothes helped, and going through the change together would  bond them.  But the Feds had a secret weapon, a biochemical compound called the XLR, a substance that not only changed their gender, it changed their attitudes.

“Dina, I can’t believe you caught me giving Agent Wilcox a… a BLOW JOB!”, lamented the new Margaret Smith.  

 “I know you sucked off the entire squad, mom,” whimpered the new teen hottie.  “They told me that they couldn’t decide which of us used their tongues better!  I’m just glad that we’re both blonde sluts together.”

“You know honey, being there for each other is what really counts.  Let’s cheer each other up and go out shopping for some stripper heels.”   

Yay!  You’re the best mom EVER!”


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Caption Link Exchange continued....

So, I noticed that alot of the bloggers who particpated in Dee's Link Exchange not only saluted Dee, they saluted each other, including me!  I was embarrassed to not have done in kind, so here is my make-good: :)

First, I love the artistic vibe of all her work, even the rotating blog headers.  Caitlyn has a deeply erotic tone to her blog, and usually her "heroine" in the throws of an "oh yeah, being a girl ooooo so good" button pushing moment.  I definitely see this in this entry, and it strikes a chord with me as I have used dating websites, and could have taken advantage of this one.

I have known of Leeanne from her stories on various fic sites, and recently have followed her blog.  Similar to Caitlyn, her style ooze sexual heat.  Now she simply adds text to various photos, so I found this one, and liked the text.  But I am taking a little artistic license here and adding my own twist ;)


Anne has  been my friend in TG-ville for quite a while.  We both inject a lot of humor and sweetness into our work.  She has a Blogger blog and Rachel Haven's presence as well, but her Tumblr site is the most active.  She hardly "stumbles" through her work, she has great taste and panache.  And she is sweet enough to send me a few valentines over the years.  Rather than show you them, let me share a cappie that really caught me.  She has a F/S becoming M/D, but the younger one is offscreen.  A cool tale of how a family together can thrive in tough circumstance.


This link exchange brought me to a new friend; I joined Kaitlyn Renee's blog yesterday (yay).  Looks like she also mixes humor, drama, and passion very well.  This story behind this blog seems verrrrrry interesting.

As I have mentioned before, Alectra and I pretty different.  We live on different sides of the "big pond."  She's a vibrant young student who wears her heart on her sleeve.  I'm an old coot who comes across as lassiez-faire about a lot of things.  Her interests about what is hot do differ from mine.  But she and I have always had great affection for each other (it's a Hyde thing), and I get a proud thrill in reading her posts, as any "mother" would.  
In other words.... that's my BABY! :)  And she made this for me and I love her for this and for being her!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Santa Heard You... (and may your Xmas be magic!)

Santa Heard You…
BFFs Scott Drake and Jeff Fowler  were college roommates and budding T-girls.  They had each others back when it came to help through transition, dealing with school, shopping, men, and more yummy men.  Now living full time as Shannon and Julie, they both hated the fact that their dads we upset about “losing” their sons to girlhood.   

“I wish they understood how we feel,” sobbed Shannon as Julie stroked her hair in the tiny off-campus they  shared.  

 “Sweetie, I know.  Well, maybe Santa is listening and he can make our wish come true.”  

 They simply fell asleep in Shannon’s squeaky bed.  When they awoke, they were shocked to be at the home of Julie’s dad, Howard.  They were no longer shemales, they were beautiful genetic girls, and they were not alone.   

At the top of the bed were two lovely ladies who looked real familiar.   It was Howard Fowler and  Ben Drake – and the Christmas magic had changed them as well.

 “Girls – I know you are both bushed from studying and your long trip here”  Beverly cooed, “But Holly and I are ready to open presents and make a great dinner .  Your stepdads will be starved, and aren’t your dates Ken and Leo coming by?  See you downstairs, loves.”   

Julie and Shannon shrieked in incredulous joy, “Thank you Santa! Thank you Santa!”

Monday, December 24, 2012

Dee Mentia's Christmas Link Exchange (support my sisters in TG Land)

Happy holidays, family.  I am participating today in Dee Mentia's Christmas Link Exchange.  Dee has always run her blogs and created her content always with:

- A wicked sense of humor.
- A healthy dose of pop culture reference.
- Attention to detail.
- The ability to marry image to text to effectively storytell. 

I bring you two examples of her handiwork:


To me, this is classic Dee.  I can literally see the video and am humming the iconic 80s hit right now.  Even to reference the story of that video (remember, the live action heroine and her heartthrob who existed only in the comic.)

Also, she did this cap for Nadine, a fab artist in her own right, mostly like doing so on Rachel's Haven.  And now, exhibit #2:

This I do not think ever made it to Dee's blog; but it was done on R.  The Ron/Steffi who plays my "daughter" is Steffimariechen, and Steff, if you are reading this... please come home for Christmas.  We miss seeing your awesome work as well. :\

And while Dee and I may work on different concepts of TG caps & stuff, we both have come to enjoy this little sorority, and we love to promote our work alongside our fellow (err.. lady not fellow... you know what I mean!) bloganistas!

Merry Christmas darlings!

Interested in taking part in Dee's grand experiment?

(1) You post below that you wish to be involved in the gift exchange, saying that you want to participate and reciprocate. 

(2) I will go to your TG Captions Blog and pick a caption I like, posting a thumbnail copy in the post and a link to that caption below it. Depending on how much time I have and the number of people participating, I might give a sentence or two about why I like the caption or why they should head there to the individual blog.

(3) You do the same thing for me. You'll have a thumbnail and a link to a caption of mine in your post. It might help that if you have a "TG Pregnancy Blog" that you pick one of mine, but it isn't really necessary.

(4) This step isn't required, but I think it'd be great if you could post this on YOUR blog, looking for others to trade with. I think it'd be a nice gift for people who are just READERS of TG Captions to see how many blogs are out there, and give them exposure to some they might have missed.

(5) Make your post on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

(6) I will not link to sites that ONLY snag other people's work. This is for the actual creators only.

PS: The lady above with the awesome expression - yes it's Pauley Perrette.  A quirky, complex beauty with brains, guts, and style... kind of like Dee, eh?

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas in Paradise (Megan, Samantha, and a magic man)

In Paradise
Johnny Ballard looked at his worried employee, Melvin Della, and smiled.   

“Mel, I want to help you.   I know that it took great courage to share with me your gender feelings.  If you are a woman inside, then you are one.  I will immediately now call you Megan.  You have my full support, not just because you are my most loyal employee, but more importantly, you are a great friend and confidant.”

Megan sobbed, “Thank you, Johnny.  But there’s more to this.  You know that my bitch ex-wife has barred me from seeing our child.  He was born Sylvester, but like me, he also has a female soul.  His dream would be that he would be a pretty girl named Samantha, and that she and her mother – me, not Kara – would like happily ever after.  I so wish I could make her dream – our dream come true.”
A year later, Johnny took his wife and daughter on a Christmas vacation in Jamaica.    Sam loved her cute pink bikini, and she posed on her mom’s lap as Daddy took photos.  She was the happiest little girl in the world, and her parents’ pride & joy.

That night, Johnny’s wife Megan wrapped her body around her man as they made love in the private Jacuzzi in their suite.   

“See, being a warlock has some perks, right, baby?” Johnny grinned.   

“I agree, boss,” Megan whispered.  “Nobody – especially Kara, knows that Mel and Sylvester ever existed.  Now, how do you feel about a second child, big daddy?”

Saturday, December 22, 2012

On Thin Ice (Rosa + girls glide into happiness)

On Thin Ice
I had to ask.  “Richie, how in the hell did you and your boys end up here at the skating rink dressed like… THIS?”

“Well, you know how much we love hockey, Dan.  It’s been very tough knowing that the NHL is on strike.   Justin, being the oldest, was needling Andrew that he could only watch ‘sissy’ figure skating.  Well, as someone who enjoys being a sissy, I called time out.  They were on thin ice already!"

"I punished them both by having them dress as cute girls in skating outfits.  I know a little something about these kinds of transformations you know.  So, the apple doesn’t far from the tree, eh?"

"Jennifer actually got asked out for a group skate, and I think that Amy will be a heartbreaker like her big sis.  No more fighting!  And my youngest, Zachary was already pretty girly for a toddler,  and Zoey looks so cute in her pigtails.  I really have gotten into being a skating mom, and we’ve all gotten a lot closer as girls!”

“You do make a pretty cool mom, Rosalie.  And you are all very beautiful.  How about if I take you and your daughters on a skate date?”   

She grinned, took my hand, and said, "Anytime, handsome.”

So, I want to publicly thank the millionaires who both own hockey franchises and play for them.  Without your inane bickering, my future wife and stepdaughters would never have come into my life!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

The New Recruits (Patsy "enrolls" with Taylor)


Tanner College was pretty progressive in its GBLT policies governing college programs, which extended to athletics, and in the case of Travis Polley – cheerleading.  Travis had already made the choice to be a sissy shemale, and TAYLOR joined the Prentice High School cheer program as a sophomore.   

By her senior year, Taylor was not only team captain, she was the quarterback’s girlfriend.  Her 18th birthday was the week before homecoming, and she celebrated with her guy going “under” her anal “center.”  The next week, she was all business as she was trying out for the Tanner recruiters.

Patsy Polley, Taylor’s mom, had a lot of questions for the lead recruiter, Coach Marc Jarvis.  Marc assured the concerned parent that Tanner was very TG friendly, and that several trans-girls had previously been members of the squad.   

Patsy seemed pleased, but she had one more “hard” question for Marc; would their be any place at Tanner for a slinky, seductive blonde T-MILF her age? 

If you hadn’t guessed by now, Patsy (born Pete) was Travis’s dad, but the Polleys now had a tight mother-daughter relationship.  Speaking of tight, Patsy screamed for more as Marc’s fat cock pressed into her tight asshole.  Taylor walked in on Marc fucking her mom, and knew she would be a Tanner girl from that point forward!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Now Be Honest… (Connie lets Traci know what is really true)

Now Be Honest…
“OK, Dad, now be honest…”
“Oh, you really want my opinion?”
“Absolutely.  I know this has been quite
an experience for both of us…”
“That’s an understatement, Timothy.  I mean,
it’s not every day that two men... a father and
a son no less, put on dresses,  and pad their
bras… much less wear bras, and wear wigs
 and makeup, and attempt to pass themselves
off as mother and daughter.  Especially when it
was your idea, as a way to cope with losing your
real mom and my wife to cancer last year… ”
“Well, I missed her so much, and I like to think
that acting as women, we can walk a mile…”
“In her shoes, Tim?  How cliché.  Of course,
we’re wearing heels.  Six inch heels, the kind
that make accentuate a girls backside, so that
she gets some attention.  Guys like a girl with a
little junk in the trunk, right TRACI?”
“Umm…  dad?”

“Charlie’s not here right now, darling.  But
Connie is.  Your loving mother.   And I am
so glad you suggested doing this.  Tell me,
baby, are you willing to go further with me?”
“Umm… what do you mean Da… Mom?”
“Well, do you see those handsome guys
over there.  They’re cute.  They have been
checking us out for a while.  Maybe we should
have a drink with them… maybe dinner?  How
about spending the night with them, as lovers?”
“Yikes!  Shouldn’t we slow down a bit?”
(Giggle) “Now be honest, Traci...   If you’re like me,
you have been highly aroused every since we
left that salon.   We look incredible, and we have
obviously have the attention of those studs.  Don’t
be nervous.  Women – especially beauties like us –
we are in control in the bedroom.  I want to be
worshipped , adored, and lovingly FUCKED….”
“Oh my God, that’s… that’s MY fantasy!  I  never
knew  you wanted to be a sexy T-girl, Mom!”
“I didn’t know until today, hon.  Thank you for
Sharing this with me – now let’s go share THEM.”
Mmm… I want the taller one, Mommy.”